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I wonder if apple will ever start fitting those multi card readers that HP now fit. They would be fab if they dumped your pics str8 into iPhoto.
You've seen the last event? Has Apple posted up???
I dont get it, doesnt Windows run (and crash) on Intel every day? Arnt M$ just making money from us mac-lads by trying to sell us a chunk of SW that we shouldnt need*? *i mean VPC not Windows!
Oooo! small-tastic! I want both! a black one for night time use and a white for day! no... black for day white for nite! \
I installed the iSync update and it sorted a problem for me! id been tryin to setup my motorola RAZR v3 and it caused it to crash every time, so ive been going around with only 2 numbers in my phone for 2 months (God, im lazy!) Now ive got the update everything is dandy and i know whos callin me! God, ive said it before and ill say it again... i phuckin love apple!
I don't get it! All the news sites have been going on about this press thing that apple have going on in early July, most were sayin that it was either the new iTunes or iPod... so now that both are out *before* the press thingie... what is apple offering us in early july???
Does that mean iTunes wont be installed on all those new HP machines???
... doesn't this usually mean they are updating their product line??? *tusk* wouldn't ya know it! i just got my 20" iMac yesterday! >:I
Maybe Apple could let Adobe make Photoshop Album update Windowz iPods and therefore keep the good software for us, and also help heal the rift between Apple and Adobe?
PowerMacs are the pro machines, iMacs/iBooks are the consumer machines! I think a line of the same metalic imacs as the iPod Minis would be great! (just like a Aluninium PowerPod for G5 users!) Apple could then re-brand the apple with the old rainbow colours, but with a metalic finish... classy!
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