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what about a more direct approach? "Hello, i use a mac" "and i(m) (ab)use(ed by) a PC"?
Yeah! nor me! ... Ill keep using one or two though
Apple = good, M$ = evil, right? If apple is seeing mac sales going up because of the iPod 'halo' effect does that mean the zune could see increased sales from the xbox 'horny' effect?
What a un-happy bunch you are! I hope you show a little more gratitude when santa comes to your house! Me? Im as happy as can be
IT departments make all their money by talkin' thick users into installing windows; Vista is going to be a right little money spinner for them! Why do you think no IT peeps push OS X - They would be out of work; their services no longer needed!
It would be cool to have a Nano style click-wheel on the side of the mousepad, it could be used with itunes, imovie and webpages; plus it would make the connection between iPods and macs in the minds of windoze users and the general public.
I wonder if apple will ever start fitting those multi card readers that HP now fit. They would be fab if they dumped your pics str8 into iPhoto.
You've seen the last event? Has Apple posted up???
I dont get it, doesnt Windows run (and crash) on Intel every day? Arnt M$ just making money from us mac-lads by trying to sell us a chunk of SW that we shouldnt need*? *i mean VPC not Windows!
Oooo! small-tastic! I want both! a black one for night time use and a white for day! no... black for day white for nite! \
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