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I must say brother of Rosie Palmer and her 5 sisters. This is exactly what I was getting at. The register is a good resource. I like it anyway. :cool:
I actually read that one too. I heard a little different things, but it was at The Register: The Register and another good one: article
Mr. Toast. I do not know the man. I will publicly retract my inappropriate remarks about Phil. Thank you for changing my weary ways, My your toast always go buttered, and may your edges never get burned
"but a cache flaw was discovered when the chips ran above 900Mhz. Motorola has steadfastly refused to rectify the problem, claiming that the release of it's 7460 was too near to justify the cost of fixing it. In the last few weeks, there has been talk of Apple filing a lawsuit against Motorola for having misrepresented its ability to produce microprocessors for Apple on a timely basis. This is essentially a repeat of the G4 fiasco that occurred in 1999, differing only in...
[quote]Originally posted by jwdawso: This is not common knowledge. Do you know this first hand? Or do you have a link to the source?
It may take me a few minutes to find you accuarte data, lemme see what I can find. I did read it about 2 weeks ago, if that helps at all (time frame wise)
:o AND ThE MASTERBATER STRIKES AGAIN!!! :o Hey sweetheart, it would be awful good of you to stop slinging your half-_ _sed ideas around. I realize that you sit on uncle Phil's lap while he violates company policy and possible prision time, BUT... The G5 has come down in price significantly. With the latest dies Moto. has been using, and the pseudo-new techniques of manufacture, they are getting way more working chips than anticipated a couple of months ago
From what I could find out. DDR is no question It is in the next G4s, as well as USB2. What I am not sure of is the hyper transport or the gigawire. I have no idea who would need that kind of bandwidth, but hey the faster the better!
soundslike the battery to me too. Also you may want to check out the ram. Every time you restart your mac one of the first things it does is do a test on your ram. Not sure if such an old OS would do it, but it might be worth looking into
Why the hell would Adobe give up on ATM when it works so well? I think it is much better than Suitcase, by a long shot. Can someone shed some light?
Now Hear This "Master Bates," "Ben Dover," or whom ever you are. 1. For your information, the G5 will not make January. If you have not heard about the cache problems, I am sorry. 2. It seems a little creepy that you would speak or even over hear Phil, enough to put your findings on a threaded post. ( Although Phil is capable of that level of stupidity I think." sorry phil... 3. The next thing you hear about when you hear about the G5, will be the quad processor. As...
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