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The big thing is that Sony and Nintendo need an app store. Their current implementations don't count - they just aren't as good as the app store and the value isn't there and the software isn't there.The other thing is that most people in Japan have train commutes to work, so handheld gaming for a long period of time is very popular there. The Vita will no doubt sell like crazy in Japan, I believe both the 3DS and PSP are currently the top 2 selling consoles in Japan on a...
Come on. These devices are NOT in competition. Maybe iOS took some gaming dollars from extremely casual handheld players, but these are not the kind of players that would even spend $100 on a dedicated handheld gaming device. iOS took over the mobile phone gaming market and has hugely expanded it (as previous mobile phones had garbage games). Notice how Nintendo/Sony's handhelds aren't really selling any worse than before. More accurately Sony is competing directly with...
Someone should make a fan edit where the plot and dialog is taken out so it can be watched as a tech demo. I liked the Pandora flyby at the end credits, too. It screamed video game engine demo.
yep, and acer is now ditching the ghetto PC market because it makes NO money. i can't believe the guy is still allowed to run the company after comments like these.
If it's so irrelevant than why are we talking about it? The ironic thing is that Apple is the company that has been making magazines relevant again through the iPad.
Exactly. Person of the year is all about who has the most impact on the most people in the year. The Occupy protestors and especially protestors in the middle east other protest movements have been going on for months, and they spread almost instantly through the Internet and other means, and no single person could claim to have more impact this year than those people, which is why Time chose "the protestor" as the people of the year.
OK first of all, person of the year is always an opinion. If you don't like it, maybe you should go edit Time Magazine.Secondly, do you actually read Time magazine? I don't, and therefore I can't make a judgement on its content. I hope that you actually read the magazine before calling it a piece of shit with a clear agenda. It seems like you think that Time Magazine has a political agenda just because they dissed your butt buddy Steve Jobs.Finally, Steve Jobs' death was a...
Ugh, as much as I can understand the rich and their obsession with rare objects, even the biggest Apple fan rich guy couldn't get a hard on from something as boring as this. I would pay 1.6 million dollars for, I dunno, a draft of the constitution or something like that.
Screw my comment. It sucked.
Nope, you're wrong, and I can't believe you would make a statement like this. My 500 GB hard drive was $80 a few years ago (and due to the hard drive shortage, it's $80 now).My 64GB SSD was $111. The 512GB version of my SSD is $800. Do the math man, flash shouldn't be standard.Now if you're saying that computers should come with a small boot and application SSD (like what I use my 64 GB SSD FOR) in addition to a large magnetic disk, then you are closer to making sense.But...
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