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You know, I would prefer Tim Cook got an award for making the best ultrabooks. That crown has passed for the time being to their competitors. Could it be Tim Cook is more focussed on social issues than running the business?
Seriously? Another eight months before we get skylake? Just whack a retina display and 8GB ram in the current MBA form factor and I will buy three. Immediately. Problem is I need to purchase them for Christmas. Otherwise, at the moment I am seriously looking at dell XPS or HP spectre x360. Both with Skylake, decent amount of RAM and retina like displays. Same price range.
The reason why CarPlay and android auto are slowly being adopted is car manufacturers would take years to incorporate changes to their electrics because of risk. Not only what it could or could not do to the car electrics but regulatory risk. The decisions on what would go in the car would have been made years ago. And then there is the financial considerations. How to build CarPlay into what is often an upsell ( the car stereo) . Gotta make money somewhere.
Interesting fact about the ENSO. In La Niña years, you can get drought in the eastern pacific, and Australia is full of flooding rains. In El Niño years, it's the other way around. So all those Californian people praying for rain are praying for a drought in Australia. And Australians praying for rain are praying for drought in America. Anyway, one third of the time ENSO events don't cause anything, even super El Ninos. They are just one of the many influences of...
American credit card linked Applepay work on PayPass terminals in Australia. Applepay linked to Australian credit cards do not.
I can't remember the last time I actually saw someone use an American Express card in this country. Whoopdy do. Apple should just create its own global visa or MasterCard equivalent, and go around the low life's using the regulatory environment to protect their oligopoly. Be the uber of the credit card world.
Geez, it isn't as though Apple is making money from this feature
Microsoft is able to get away with compromised first gen products because of its slow to adopt corporate market. Apple as a consumer oriented company can't. Cook doesn't get this. Better to delay until both the hardware and software are in sync
at the very least it appears they need chrome installed. Not sure what else and what settings.
that would trigger the mother of all litigation, that would make the Samsung- Apple war just a small territorial incursion. If you were a carrier you would not want to go there.
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