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No, if you want to play halo 5 you will get an Xbox. The device doesn't have to be dedicated as a gaming device to give Xbox and PlayStation a run for their money. It just needs to be pretty damn good, and great at doing other things as ell where consoles quite frankly suck and cost five times as much. And remember, Microsoft gave Xbox a pretty good initial leg up by buying out bungee and making halo, at that time being developed as a Mac only game, into an Xbox...
The fitness aspects of both devices, Fitbit and apple watch is the only similarities these devices have. An apple watch has vastly more functions than a base model Fitbit. Fitbits are really just fancy heart rate monitors. Hence the bike to landcruiser analogy. The basic car vs SUV comparison you suggest is too close. Maybes higher end Fitbits that tell the time, but even then. Would you be more comfortable with a motorbike to SUV comparison?
Just bundle all the steaming apps and have global search. Forget what the cable companies won't agree to. And build an iTunes subscription. Eventually a streaming company will get rich enough to stream sport, and then the cable companies are stuffed.
I do't think the apple watch is in the same market as a Fitbit. A couple of the large number of functions of the apple watch may also be done by a Fitbit, but that is like saying my bicycle is in the same market as a Toyota Land Cruiser.
is yours a model with a sapphire screen?
I think there is a tendency for activists types to pursue electric systems for ideological reasons. Now, for a phone I think the hassle of plugging in your phone every night is less than having to find and buy a top up canister that lasts a week. So current battery tech is best at the moment. This would be awesome in a car though, and vastly superior to an all electric car, where recharge time and range is the issue.
Oh dear, queue long thread of painfully ignorant commenters equating this tech with the Hindenburg, damp pants, fusion reactions etc. The only way it could be topped would be some lunatic claiming it's a big oil conspiracy to prevent saintly battery tech, or even funnier, solar panels, from ruling the world.
Tax eaters want to get rid of franking credits too. That would be a 'saving'.
Sog35, tax eaters don't like a flat tax with no deductions as they suffer from the delusion that every one would be just as wealthy if they tax the rich a lot more. That the rich would react by keeping their money out of the jurisdiction, instead of growing the economy and jobs of that country never enters their tiny heads. In their world, the pie is a certain size and can never be bigger. In the words of a great prime minister, they would rather the poor be poorer, than...
Apple hasn't been avoiding any tax it is liable, despite what some grandstanding senate taxeater says.Here is the great Kerry Packer, a smaller Murdoch competitor, letting these parasites know exactly what he thinks of them and their ilk (it goes for 2:49. Jump through to the 2:00 mark for his views on tax minimisation).
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