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Why do you care? I guess if you were sort of hoping for wall street to start stupid valuations of Apple just like Amazon, fair enough. But fundamentally? Apple should just give good dividends. It's not as though it needs to raise capital. Who cares what the hyenas in wall street think? They don't actually run the business, they speculate on share prices and Apple is just an easier one than most to manipulate because any rumour gets a tonne of publicity. Going private...
No, I am arguing that using an emoticon is more about conspicuous compassion and a way to display the moral worthiness of the emoter, than actually doing anything about a real bully.
Maybe I am an old fart, but primate behaviour doesn't change. This illuminati eye can be a tool for the gang to ostracise just as well as the Bifff Tanners of this world. And the worst bit is, emoting online doesn't require any courage. Too many people emote, then smugly move on with the herd to the next issue de jour. it's mob behaviour, there is no honour in it.Besides, how about this for a scenario: someone makes a post online disagreeing with, say a woman who is a...
This is really really annoying. Back in the old days, young whippersnappers, when people saw someone being bullied, if they had the courage they did something about it. Now they tweet some stupid symbol and feel all noble because they "raised awareness". How did that work out for those Nigerian girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram? #bringourgirlshome sure worked a treat, for at least while BK laughed, the perpetually smug "raised awareness". Biff Tanner would have...
my workplace is pushing hard for surface pro in place of iPads. And some (cheaper than surface pro) massive HP product that weighs nearly 2 kgs! what users want doesn't matter!
I feel so...third world Actually, at least in Australia it did. At one (brief) stage a year or so after the GFC it was cheaper to buy an apple device here than in the US. That was a big change from the pre GST days where a wholesale tax and a range of other duties applied. In 1998 I was able to buy a wallstreet powerbook for $2,500 in the US, when the equivalent at home was $5,700.
I just want a Mac that isn't crippled in standard configurations. You would have to be mad to buy an MBA these days. Or the connection crippled MB. And the MBpro if it comes out needs USB C at the least, but it isn't looking good considering the continued crippling of the iMacs. Why do this Apple? I am after two laptops at Christmas time, and right now Apple can't be on my list. They would be bad gifts.
Fascists were authoritarian, using the power of the state to achieve their aims. I don't see what is particularly right wing about that. All this tossing about of right and left wing isn't very useful. Those of a collective bent seem to fling 'right wing' about as a form of abuse. Better to consider increasing amounts of state control as you move left along the spectrum, ultimately reaching full on communism. While individual action, with decreasing state influence...
I think all big four banks in Australia are bitten with the Barclays bug. No Apple Pay here, where PayPass is ubiquitous..
i don't think so. More likely their only quals is a Microsoft certificate and in traditional IT style, they hate the cool dudes in the graphics department and the fact the iPhone and iPad got the executives asking questions about the way IT does things. The surface is their opportunity for both vengeance and restoration of their control over IT decisions.
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