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My neighbour is an engineer for a CSG company. He installed a 130 MWH gas fired power plant right on top of a cluster of CSG wells which provided the gas essentially for free Basically five big generators sitting in a row in a forest. The whole plant took up about five acres, and actual output is 130 MW 24/7. It was amazing to look at, like standing next to five giant locomotives chugging away, but noise level about the same as five trucks. Oh, and it cost $30 million...
is there any reason at all that apple couldn't design and have made a streamlined x64 CPU? One that gets a leg up on Intel by only including transistors needed for OSX and whatever drivers apple thought necessary? Thus eliminating a tonne of legacy and getting speed advantage that way?
I use my ipad 2 quite heavily for work related activities as well as entertainment. I like it so much, and want for so little, there is no need to upgrade. Hell, Apple still sells a mini with an A5 chip in it. The ipad 2 will work well for years to come. If Apple wanted to push ipad sales, it would more aggressively upgrade the chips in new models so that software leaves the old ones behind.
I reckon if Apple can't get a deal it should raise the old pirate flag again in Cupertino. start with giving Apple TV inbuilt protection from geoblocking. If that doesn't bring the media execs to the table, escalate.
For steps wouldn't a phone in you pants pocket be more accurate than something on your arm? What happens when you grate cheese or slice an onion?
In my workplace the it crowd are busy adding restrictions to the iOS profile that leaves ipDs and iPhones more and more crippled. Strangely enough, while you can't access iCloud, one drive has full access on surface pros. The head of it is upfront about wanting to shift everyone to surface for mobile.
Hasnt the free on iTunes section always been on the U.S. iTunes store, but not the others?
In my country this might be classed as anticompetitive as it means other MVNOs would be unable to compete as Google making its money elsewhere and loss making or at least cost only in mobile services would destroy the competing MVNO margins. However, as it would lower prices, the argument could be made that the benefit to cosumers (price I'm talkng here, not the Google strings attached) outweighs the anticompetitiveness.It does hasten the day that carriers become big dumb...
exactly. Why not an 'M' series chip with X64 and ARM components, and just like its A series SOC does not have ARM legacy components, the x64 bits won't have the legacy bits that exist in Intel chips. There is a performance boost right there.And as it goes in the Mac, it won't need to worry as much about the constraints of size, but with Apple's experience, the extra space will be able to be readily used.But I agree with other posters. It has to be better than Intel...
while state owned media certainly can be state controlled, that wasn't the question I was asking. It was why scarce taxpayers' funds were still being used to spend a kings ransom on a service already provided by a multitude of private sector providers. There is no market failure to be addressed and there should be a hell of a lot of more worthy uses for those dollars/pounds, like hospitals, schools etc.The issue I have with the licence ( it's a tax) is that a very poor...
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