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Looks like the surface 4 still doesn't have a SIM card and GPS, can't see any reference to it. Surprised if that is the case. You guys are looking at this from a personal purchase perspective. I know my corporate IT people are aggressively pushing surface tablets to replace iPads. They want to be MS only. There are many government and corporate IT types like that.
They have removed local copyright entitlements and restrictions?
same way Netflix, Hulu crackle, etc, etc did.
What are these amazonprofits of which you speak? Profits for amazon is a rounding error.
Rather they fix the search algorithms as a priority. Getting sick of Siri finding me directions to an address 1800 km away in Melbourne when in real life it is about five blocks away.
Yes, why does it trickle out so slowly? If you are going to do such a feature, it needs to be global, and rolled out quickly. At this stage it's just an ultimately lame tech demo.
So...why would there be business for a scalper? The production lines for these babies are already geared up after making the 6. There should not be the shortages of last year. Unless the new vibrator or screen ends up short.
Actually Aussies use 'bin' too. You put the rubbish in the bin, but when you put the bin on the footpath, you take out the rubbish. Simples!
Trash is a classic example of a brash Americanism. The diversity of English is a glorious thing.
So what happens to all the R&D on this product if the new Apple TV does what this thing is supposed to do? Years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: