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Actually I find that sometimes Apple is more up to date than google, most often with satellite imagery. The point is sometimes one is more up to date than the other, and other times it's the other way around.
Surface business share will grow rapidly as IT departments can treat it like just another PC. That is not the case with an iOS device. Worse, it's from Apple that the IT department managed to quarantine in the graphics department for decades before a user led break out over the last five years. IT will have its vengeance on the user. Just you wait.
Like nearly all western governments,Australia's Treasury adopted the Keynesian model of high spending to ameliorate a downturn, only to discover how politically impossible it is to turn off the tap once the economy turns up again. Any tightening of the belt or cut in spending is labelled as unfair. Pigs at the trough always squeal for more. So rather than cut spending, politicians scrabble around trying to raise revenue from easy targets who don't have a constituency to...
On ya apple insider. Hope your junket to Switzerland is fully tax deductible!
It's OK. He is a duck. They can sit on the surface.
as an aside, and not leaving the appalling pretenishness of the dude living in a five story upper east side Manhattan townhouse, no doubt living on 'old' inherited money, I think the upcoming elections in the UK will mark a clear end to Britain. From here on it will break apart into inward looking irrelevance, regardless of who wins.
Ponder the mindset that believes that not taxing a company is state aid. This mindset would seem to believe that all your money belong to them, and anything they leave you with is their gift to you. If the euro weenies think that the Irish have an unfair tax advantage, all they need to do is make sure all the other euro countries have the same tax rate as Ireland. Then the 'aid' disappears like magic! Tax eating thieves.
There are multiple other services in the App Store. This is a load. What's the day Apple updates apps? Tuesday? Let's see what happens then.
In my country streaming is problematic because of low monthly download limits. But for things like emergency broadcasts, FM is no good, as it is the province of ignorant breakfast radiio hosted by celebrity know nothing narcissists. It wold need to be an AM receiver.
I think they were talking about input charges imposed by government that are charged irrespective of profit, like wholesale taxes and the high tariffs charged by Brazil. These are applied well before any profit is made. But yeah, corporate tax on profit typically wouldn't get passed on. But it does influence say, where the business is incorporated, like Ireland for example which has low corporate tax. A good rule of thumb: look at South American economics, and do the...
New Posts  All Forums: