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sflagel must be an astroturfer. Seriously. In my country retailers are able to add the credit card fee to a transaction, and for those that do, it is usually 1.5-2%. iIf amex is 7% then that would explain why it is close to invisible in this country compared with visa and mastercard. Anyway, in the case of CurrentC vendors, the retail price of the product will be the same, there may or may not be discounts at the cashier, but COUPONS!!+!. Coupons you would probably...
That the edition watch has a special display case tells you that the edition is for collectors, not someone that wears it every day on their wrist. They probably would be ecstatic if they sold a hundred edition models. It will keep its value, like the Apple 1. The purpose of the edition is about positioning the entire Apple watch line.
I'd call that being taxed twice.
It really is an own goal wanting your economy building companies to be taxed twice. They have already paid tax where they earned the money, and for some reason the dumb politicians that dreamed up this stupid policy of taxing again when the company brings the rest home could not foresee the inevitable consequences. This is the result, all that effort could have been used to grow American companies on shore but instead gets tied up in lawyer games so politicians, rather...
quite so. But that view isn't very appealing to politicians and people inclined to central planning of economies, as it doesn't let them show they are doing something.
Does anywhere include anywhere not in the USA?
I initially laughed, but on reflection Orwellian is apropos.
Yeah I always thought looney tunes was just for laughs, but there is an actual lesson in there.Well, I suppose a producer could always improve their products by competing with themselves or even out of a sense of craftsmanship, but the truth is that progress and productivity would be much, much slower and the economy that much less overall. It would be against the interests of a monopoly to make rapid changes and improvements to a product as the development costs...
This is just a glorious demonstration of how capitalism works. competition drives continuous improvement and increased production that in turn is desired by consumers. aaple was made to improve its products because samsung was a competitive threat. Now it remains or be seen if samsung can keep up. Here is how it was seen sixty years ago, before we went and got all Keynesian:
I predict that eventually MCX is going to have to change from QR code to NFC. Then there would be no reason not to accept systems like Apple Pay, in fact they could set up a deal with Apple that includes a loyalty card system and does not involve the credit card companies. But in the meantime they are in for a great big bag of hurt.
New Posts  All Forums: