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Yes, that Telstra deal is only so far as a single subscription for the streamers, not the FTA channels yet. That said, on the one hand one of the streamers, Presto, is owned by the big cable company Foxtel, which owns Sky sports channels etc. On the other hand it is possible that the presto part of the subscription could end up streaming sport The gripping hand is the 'tel' part of Foxtel is Telstra. At the moment Presto has a limited range compared with Netflix, which...
I dunno, Oompa Loompas always scare the hell out of me.
Meanwhile, while Apple just can't seem to sort out subscriptions: http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/telstra-to-launch-roku-streaming-platform-for-netflix-presto-and-stan-in-september/story-fn8tnfhb-1227460964733 STREAMING is about to get a whole lot easier in Australia, with Telstra looking to launch its own TV service called Telstra TV, which will offer all the local streaming offerings in one place. Telstra has partnered with US streaming device...
yes, but this approach also gave android a leg up through Verizon, back when it was only a pale, laggy imitation of iOS. If Verizon had fallen in line with job's demands, the mobile world would probably be quite different. Who knows how the market may have developed? Would CDMA be still significant? Would windows phone be the 'other 'Mobile OS? Would android be like Symbian?
Plenty of people prefer the mini form factor. I am not one of them, but plenty do. Qantas for example has iPad minis in every seat pocket of their newer planes to use with their wifi.In my opinion, the main reason for an iPad mini, and an iPad pro truth to tell, is to leave no gaps in the market for competitors to exploit. They don't have to take the market by storm. This is the lesson of the no doubt Jobs imposed one screen size for iPhones that gave Samsung a leg up, a...
I find it hard to believe Apple sold 3.9 million in the last three months. It isn't like an iPhone. But if Apple did sell that many, that would be four times the total number of smart watches ever sold prior to the Apple Watch. Hardly what I would call tepid. And to extrapolate to 15 million for a year. There was only about ten million iPhones sold first year, wasn't it? I just have trouble believing there are so many people that want one. I might get one one day, but...
Xiomi does make good portable powebricks. I think Xiomi followed the Samsung model. If you can't initially compete on performance make your product compete as a knock off substitute appearance wise, until your internals can catch up. Then you can worry about your own design as you already have a presence in the market..
I think the article meant gigabytes, rather than megabytes, don't you think?
Excellent! A double plus good decision. Now all we need to do is recognise we have always been at war with EastAsia.
So artists will get paid. Good. What about the labels? Do they still not get their cut? Hope so.
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