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In exchange for three months of no royalties isn't the subsequent royalty rate slightly higher thereafter (eg. 71.5% vs industry standard 70 %)? I think that they.might have been told if you don't agree to three months free your music won't be available on Apple music, but no doubt It would still be available for purchase on iTunes.
Odo that figure would be almost three times the number of smartwatches sold previously-Eva!
dont underestimate the love the Microsoft qualified technicians that dominate corporate IT departments have for Microsoft, and the resentment they harbour for Mac aficionados, particularly those hipster bastards in the graphics department. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the IT department have kept it in the freezer ever since 2007 and the destruction of the MS/ RIM hegemony.
Why not Australia? It should be easy. There are only four major banks, and almost every single pay terminal is PayPass. Heck, by all accounts US linked accounts already work everywhere using Apple Pay.
Jessie, I believe people go to WWDC to attend workshops and improve their OS X and iOS programming skillz. If they are only interested in the keynote, they can watch it from afar.
Introduced by The Rock. It will be earth shaking.
You know, you are right. It's all been downhill ever since the steam engine was invented. Before then of course, everyone lived in total harmony with all creatures great and small, even the Bush family's ancestors, and lived to a ripe old age. Nobody ever aimlessly wandered around with placards preaching the end is nigh either.Back on topic: I wonder who the second watch was really for? Wife or mistress?
I always wondered what a dogs heart rate was.
I don't believe tales of force touch on iPads or iPhones. There isnt enough room. Look at the tear downs of MacBooks and you can see what I mean. Incorporating force touch into the stylus in the other hand, I can believe.
Are you sure it isn't just connecting to a flat wireless charger on the underside of the watch? Where is the evidence that data is involved? Look carefully at the second picture.
New Posts  All Forums: