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Sure, with javascript, Google may still be in the 'extend' phase.I meant my original post to be funny, but there might be an element of truth to this. At the least, google is wanting to have total control of its destiny/environment.
Google's plans with webkit: 1: embrace- adopt webkit 2: extend - fork 3: exterminate-? nobody has tried that before, have they? Probably the only way to get more adoption of VP8
For those needing to be away for multiple days while hiking for example this product is too cumbersome and fiddly compared with a simple li battery that can recharge your iPhone for a week and can be picked up with lunch money on eBay. But the real reason this is a fail is all the clunky wires and bulkiness which means no self respecting hipster will touch it. Too nerdy.
needs lightning connector. No airplay. No sale
I think it would be better as a contact lens type of device. Kind of like what they do to the 'protector' chick in that Canadian show continuum.less obtrusive.
Apple hardware isn't too bad these days once you allow for an exchange rate risk of about 10% (or ten cents if you will) and then factor in the 10% GST which by law is included in the retail price. Apps in the appstore are pretty close too. But music and video on itunes is despicably expensive. No doubt becuase the local rightsholders expect the poor aussie consumer to pay for their value adding lifestyles. And apple just adds its margin on top. There is no reason why...
While most a droid phones are smaller or similar in size to the iPhone, the flagship products are all big screen phablets. If apple chose to erode the market share of those products, would they make a larger phone, or an iPad nano?
Oh, we'll that's alright then. My bad. In my defense I was caught up in the imagined visuals of a Barbara Land type having an epiphany.
I take it you mean Martin Luther King and "I have a dream"? You mean that it is reasonable to equate immigration issues with the way some US States once created laws with difference types of governance on the basis of race? I was in fact wondering if that as an attempt to equate with MLK, but in the end thought no, that would be ridiculous and would cheapen the memory of MJK. I preferred to think it was a great idea some Barbara Land types had while sharing dandelion tea...
I am not buying into the merits or otherwise of the purposes of this act, as I come from another country, beyond observing that people that lived most of their lives in a place and have successfully worked, carried out a business should be recognised. But to call it the Dream Act???? Friggin' hippies. how can you take these people seriously?
New Posts  All Forums: