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10 posts and nt one whinging they can't get a day' charge out of their iPhone? Suggestion to whingers: book in a Genius Bar appointment and get the battery checked out. It might be defective.
Personally I doubt sapphire will be in any iPhone. It's for the fabled iwatch. This is just analysts building up speculation prior to release so they can carry on like henny penny after the real product is eventually released.
Quite so. In fact I hardly ever see anyone trying to charge up a phone of any kind in an airport. And I travel during business flight hours.More common a few years ago when Motorola droids and HTC equivalents had a battery life counted in tens of minutes.That said, the iPhone 5 seemed to commonly have a battery problem that needed a replacement battery . Both my wife and I just got our iPhone batteries replaced and battery life is easily tripled. Although I am lucky...
You should be thankful Apple hasn't upped the ram to 2GB so far. Once they get around to it the OS and apps will start using more ram, and your lovely iPad 2 etc. will suddenly be unable to do its job. Of course, then the same people whinging about ram will be whinging about planned obsolescence.
It wouldn't surprise me if this was the case, the lower price of android handsets and the lack of needing to pass through the App Store gate would make android more attractive to those with evil intent. In fact, I would find it hard to believe Apple would approve an app openly aimed at helping jihadis encrypt communications. And the wide distribution of where the phones can be obtained means that it would be hard for counter terrorism agencies to intercept the phone prior...
I think the GE/Honeywell merger fell over for a host of reasons, not because of what some public servant in Brussels thought. What this shows is the euro weenies take it apron the sleeves to spend euros on whether or not two yank companies can merge or not. And they wonder why there their economies are in the toilet. And another example of how the land of the free has fallen, that it puts up with this posturing, because that is all it is.
Sitting on the other side of the world, and seeing what is going on in the Ukraine, ISIS, Gaza, Iran's weapons program, China and Japan's tiffs, and how impotent the USA has become, this sort of bullshit in what was once the land of the free is why the US, and thus the whole world, is going down the toilet.
as well as the rokr by Motorola, the first PowerBooks were designed by Sony.
Even heavy iPad users such a myself do not have a super compelling reason to upgrade yet. Sure you can tweak or add a few features but at the end of the day, it is a screen to run apps. Jobs' vision has been near perfectly executed. The minimalist design means that there isn't a significant difference in appearance between models. Shallow, but no doubt a true driver of many upgrades for things like iPods and phones. And an iPad 2 can still run a lot of apps that an iPad...
A suspicious person would suspect Mr Carney is after another job altogether and is judiciously leaking he is being headhunted by moneybags Apple as a negotiating ploy to get a better pay packet. Who else on this planet would leak to the press that they were negotiating with a company to be employed by them? This whole thing smells. And if Aplle really has been talking to him, all this unseemly leaking to his mates in the press should ensure they do not talk to him...
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