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if you live in a country with download limits, streaming music is not a viable option. in fact a lot of iCloud functions present a dilemma if you have download caps.
Did they ask why the iPod touch was getting no love? I would be in the market for an A7 or A8 iPod touch, but not for an A5 or A6 version.
In Australia prepaid sims for iPad are common. Eg 12gb or twelve months, whichever comes first. Anyhow, to change carriers in the past, you always had to swap out the sim which is tied to a particular carrier. Presumably, an Apple sim allows the user to choose the carrier using a software menu based system. For unsupported carriers, you just swap the carrier's sim in. I think a physical sim will be required for a long time as too many carriers will not participate. And...
First step before removing SIM cards and their trays altogether. There are virtual sims in the future with menu based carrier selection! Maybe even an option to automatically select the carrier on the fly based on a range of options such as price or signal strength! Maybe it isn't on iPhone yet becuase of the ubiquity of carrier subsidies.
So this legendary Chinese voice over.....does anyone know what was being said? Was it someone hijacking the show, or was it something boring like a translator?
i think they need to spread product launches out a bit more......
Ahh, samsung, the Jan Brady of the tech world. "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" "Apple! Apple! Apple!"
I believe it is because he wants eleventy hundred tabs open all at once in safari.
They should also do this for cellular downloads, for us poor saps that live in countries where downloads are highly limited. Then we would *know* Facebook is a bitch of an app.
so does the family sharing work across apple stores? so, if i have an US itunes account and son has a UK iTunes account, they will be able to share?
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