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Sapphire for watch, Corning glass for iPhones. You know that would be more realistic.
My workplace is a similar setup to yours, Lorin, although much bigger and it uses ms servers in the backend. We also have staff clamouring for iPhones and iPads as the preferred mobile devices. The IT management is pushing Surface, but to date have only got the VP to test. The line is that it would be just like using the desktop, but also has the benefits of a tablet. I got the IT manager to stand holding his surface (sans keyboard) in one hand and my iPad Air in the...
This move to me seems to be apple recognising that it needs to get into the enterprise space when it has concreted on the consumer space in the past, and IBM recognising it needs an integrated mobile solution.Microsoft doesn't need to partner with anyone. It has the back end, and importantly the IT departments in its pockets. The IT area only let Apple products in a a result of heavy and sustained user demand, particularly from executives. The current MS message is that...
From an employment perspective it means that Chinese wages are rising fast enough to make it worthwhile investing in automation. It is cheaper to pay for robot installation for some jobs than compete on price (wages) for manual labour. Sadly for some commenters, it's a zero sum game. Chinese people apparently can't get a job anywhere else but Foxconn, and aren't allowed to get paid more or get a better paying job.
Yes, poor timing. Also, I suspect that it would be quite unsatisfactory charging an iPad as one amp will take ages. Does the large battery need to even be built in anyway? Couldn't you just have the tray permanently connected to the wall?
This could be fabulous for some sports, like cross country running or MTB.
Personally, I would like this obvious outcome to add something interesting, like changing the profile of the iPhone/iPad depending on who activates it using Touch ID. So when the kids get given it as a modern day pacifier, it would automatically open up with restrictions that aren't there if mum was to put her pinky on it.
Quite so. only 4GB standard in a non upgradable machine is appalling. I was actually going to buy an 11 inch model on special last week, but turned out it was standard models only. And to get 8GB I had to BTO. So no sale.
Well Measuring UV exposure would be totally useless to anyone spending anytime in the sun. The risk aversion inherent in anyone manufacturing such sensors would mean they would start issuing warnings after 30 seconds. Just as well it does other things that are more useful than the headline feature.
I was worried about that last picture until I saw a partial of the cup at the top.
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