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i think if it didn't have wifi it might also have a battery life that is better than a joke. And as others have noted, its butt ugly. I suspect it was rushed to market before it was ready.
Not in an industrial elevator so I'm calling fake.
has it occurred to you that apps that use direction might just need to link into the backend of the compass.app to work? People might get a bit upset when their starmap doesnt work....Mind you I would certainly like it if some of those apps could be hidden more effectively than stashing them in a folder on the last screen.
The earpods are at $29 among the top in their price range, and beat quite a few worth a fair bit more. Certainly not ones costing 10x as much as stated up thread, but probably at least twice as much. For myself, I only used them once when they were new, but have continued to use my A-Jays as I like the sound and the non tangling flat cable is a bonus.
ahh, that chart is fantastic. And sooo many great memories of consoles gone by the by. How come the pippin doesn't feature?
Queue open source zealots criticising this move, oblivious to the problems for a commercial entity that tried to comply with GPLv3 .PS:does saying it twice make it more truthy?
You know, if this works and the theft rate of iphones drop, you know what the MSM headlines will say then:
The issue is money. Or more correctly, return on investment. Very difficult to justify 28 photographers when the newspaper business is already in the toilet. And this way a photo could end up a closer link to the story in any case. All they need now is an app for the sun times that formats the story and embeds the pics to further streamline the layout process. Then the next to go will be the subbies. It isn't as though the photographers turn out a Pulitzer pic every...
Considering all the QE your fed has been doing, that the yen us falling faster than the USD is something scary for the average Japanese to consider.
The contractor going belly up didn't help, but the building is also heritage listed. While Apple was indicating that it would restore to original compared with the previous tenant, rumour has it that Apple also wanted some work done out the front that the Brisbane City Council would not agree to. Not sure what that is, but whatever it was, agreement could not be reached. Probably make it less desirable for derros to hang out, or make it easier for people to queue, FAIK....
New Posts  All Forums: