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I think they were talking about input charges imposed by government that are charged irrespective of profit, like wholesale taxes and the high tariffs charged by Brazil. These are applied well before any profit is made. But yeah, corporate tax on profit typically wouldn't get passed on. But it does influence say, where the business is incorporated, like Ireland for example which has low corporate tax. A good rule of thumb: look at South American economics, and do the...
It's also pretty neat that many of these ape descended life forms don't recognise a quote from what Wikipedia will eventually become.Just remember chaps, "don't panic"
The apple display needs to be upgraded to properly complement this device. If it could power up the MacBook while also serving as a thunderbolt (for other machines), usb3 and yes, FireWire hub with a 5k screen, who here wouldn't buy one? A single cable will do all. Post spec: could this thing run a 5k external? Further speculation: Realistically the display would have HDMI, Ethernet, two thunderbolt, two USB 3 and four USB C. This would also be the ports in next iMac.
On an iPhone, I never use the contacts app, just straight from the phone app. However, I presume the reason there is a separate contacts app is that not all iOS devices are iPhones. I actually use the contacts app on an iPad for example.
Why the hell isn't Apple pay available in countries where PayWave is ubiquitous?
The perfect Apple TV for me: 1. A complete iTunes server so I don't have to run a power sucking Mac in favour of an energy efficient iOS device to play stored content (this requires an ability to add storage as well). The iTunes server would play a wide range of codecs and airplay connect to all mac and iOS devices. 2. Play 4K from the iTunes server. I suppose you could theoretically stream 4K, but that would be really limiting your market and chew bandwidth. 2. A home...
Go live in Australia and it will be used heavily. The payment system is already set up for it. Also the article doesn't make clear that their are real limits to adoption when most of the US payment hardware isn't up to it. Unlike Austrrlaia where the terminal hardware is already widely adopted. And Europe too.
To be clear, you can use a pento write your signature on the trackpad?
This is first I have heard of 'internal configuration options'? Are they saying they will come in a range of storage capacities? Why? Why not just have enought to manage the apps, say 4 or 8 GB, and the rest comes from the iPhone?
Well, if there are FRAND, then Ericsson charges apple the same as everyone else, and apple is in the wrong, or they charge apple more than others, and Ericsson is in the wrong.
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