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A fair amount of tax to pay is as little as possible. In the words of Australia's richest man in the eighties and nineties (he has passed on, now) at a government inquiryThe only people that rail on about a 'fair' amount of tax are the ones that have plans to use Other People's Money (OPM) for stuff that they give a higher priority for than the majority of the population. It is most certainly not money they earned themselves.In this particular case, Australian governments...
In Australia, Telstra offers an iPad for $48/month with 1GB of data zero dollars up front. $68/month gets you 8GB/month It works out a bit dearer than outright purchase upfront then paying for a twelve month lump of data prepaid ($629 iPad 4 with cellular plus $180*2 for 24GB data over two years = $989) but if a person had trouble with ponying up the cost of an iPad outright it isn't too bad as total cost over two years is $1152. edit: my bad, the Ipad with cellular is...
I highly recommend roo meat, or Skippy if you prefer. Lean and tasty. The best version I ever had was a meal called the "coat of arms". It was long strips of roo and emu woven into a mat then grilled before being served in a burgundy gravy on a bed of beans and mashed potato. Mmmmmm.Roos are in plague proportions after three good wet seasons, so the more people eat the better.
Err, just to clarify for other people64GB iPhone 5 in the Australian Apple store is AUD$999 incl 10% GST.Excluding GST that would be 999/11*10= roughly AUD$908.Convert from USD$849 @ today's exchange rate (about 1.03) gets you AUD$824So, divide 908/824 and find the AUD price is 9% higher than the USD price of $849So there is mostly a currency hedge plus additional costs that have to be amortised, like regulatory approvals etc. bear in mind that the AUD historically has...
I read Odo as being sarcastic...
So what happens if you have a monthly cap on downloads from your ISP?
I don't know about baloney; it might be just cheese Anyway, I don't think it will be retina because it is the first version and their needs to be a planned upgrade cycle. Apple is a business. And it does not need to be retina straight out of the box. But you could be right, in fact as a consumer I would hope you are right.And yes, it would be interesting if these are the new sharp IGZO screens. I recall reading somewhere that the iphone 5 was using LG screens.
Apart from a new product launch and needing to sort out how it runs against the 'competition' (toe in the water and all that) another reason it won't have a retina display is they need to have an upsell next year. If the battery is similar to that in the nexus 7, it will be interesting seeing what the difference in performance is.
to retail at $1200
No, petrosy,Samsung does not have the right to ask for what ever they want if the patents in question are FRAND
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