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The journo who wrote this, Chenoworth, has form. He did a similar hatchet job on news ltd a few weeks ago as last year it won an $800 million court case against the ATO. As was clear com the court case, these companies are following the law and maximising benefit to the shareholder, who also pays taxes btw. He is clearly of the school of thought that all your money belongs to the government and whatever it leaves you you should be grateful. I agree with Kerry Packer. You...
Well, to be fair, the government forced them to do that. It is how they subsequently tried to spread their resultant risk that poisoned the well for everything else.
Leaving aside the fact that $4 from each manufactured device is an expensive form of quality control (more like a license fee) why on earth would Apple want to engage in checking the quality of a Philips stereo dock?
I am having trouble understanding the business model that has a fee as large as $4 at all. Why charge anything? The bigger the halo of accessories around the iPhone and iPad, the more sales of 30% + margin iPhones and iPads you sell as people remain comfortable in the halo. As it is the fee encourages producers to look to other connectivity solutions that cost nothing, and coincidently work with other devices. Thus reducing reasons to buy apple products. Also, can't apple...
I have come to the conclusion that the problem with all these smart watches is that they try to be a watch that does other things. Thus forcing them to be ugly. How about a communications device that is worn on the arm that also happens to tell the time? Might free up conceptual design. Within a year all smart watches would look like the first one to manage that. You know, sort of like a computer that fits in your pocket that also happens to work as a phone changed the...
Does anyone know if the 5C is outselling the 4S when it was second position in the line up last year? If so, it would have to be a success. These analysts are just pissed Apple isn't following the strategy they think it should (move downmarket).
So to be clear, this will allow you to call someone's landline or mobile from your mac?
What a spoilsport, Neolos. Taking sales tax in the USA and GST in Australia would make the difference less significant. How could JC bitch about that? Apple Au have gotten a lot slacker about the Apple tax lately. Maybe they haven't been taking as big an exchange rate risk factor into account as they have in the past. Back on topic, the fact they are making the sharp 4K monitor available does not bode well for an update to the apple display. Where is the updated display...
I can u dear stand why you are happy with a bare bones e reader if you mostly use the iPad for reading, Enzo. But I would have thought that the reason for a desktop version is more powerful ebook management, including editing metadata. It should also be not seen to enforce lockin, which is just wrong.
I am sure Apple has the tax money set aside. This is the way you challenge laws like this. Through the court system.
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