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Ahh, samsung, the Jan Brady of the tech world. "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" "Apple! Apple! Apple!"
I believe it is because he wants eleventy hundred tabs open all at once in safari.
They should also do this for cellular downloads, for us poor saps that live in countries where downloads are highly limited. Then we would *know* Facebook is a bitch of an app.
so does the family sharing work across apple stores? so, if i have an US itunes account and son has a UK iTunes account, they will be able to share?
The range of apple watches, especially the gold version, isn't about taking market away from high end watch makers, although it might impact a little bit there. Eventually. But That will take a few iterations of the Apple watch. No. Cook learnt the lesson Jobs failed to do about market differentiation. Jobs insisted on the one perfect screen size. He did it with the original imac, and he did it with the iPhone too. Why he didn't with the iPod I do not know. Maybe someone...
It temporarily hides the mausoleum where Steve Jobs' body is preserved under glass. The body will eventually be placed in the centre park of the new apple spaceship headquarters, so eventually when it is complete and ready for the journey to Ceti Alpha V. Jobs' body will be ready for the observation deck. Or, alternatively, it might just be a site to show off home automation, lots of cool indoor sports games in a carnival set up to show off healthkit, a bank of TVs with...
Too many lawyers in governments today. This particular feature should be a selling point for a phone, nota governmntal mandate. It just raises the average price of all phones.
My rule is a case for the first year, naked after that. And I would prefer a slightly thicker iPhone than a protruding lens. But it does present some interesting design dilemmas. I wonder if they have ever considered placing the lens in the centre of the body? Although that could present battery issues.
I would call the label 'retina' as a gimmick, but that does not mean an Apple retina display is not very, very good. I have regularly compared my old iphone 5 screen against the newer 4.7 inch android screen at a higher resolution that I bought for my father, and I would say one's preference would depend on your attitude to things like colour accuracy. I can't see the pixels on either at viewing distance, and on both with my nose right up to the screen. The OLED screen...
10 posts and nt one whinging they can't get a day' charge out of their iPhone? Suggestion to whingers: book in a Genius Bar appointment and get the battery checked out. It might be defective.
New Posts  All Forums: