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Bet new iMacs and minis come out with the release of mountain lion. Same form factor and iMac monitors.
Tomtom are the best GPS maps in Australia. Navigon not so much. Of course, with our wide open spaces with not much in between I would prefer a downloadable version that can get extra features when in range of a cellular tower.
I take issue a bit with the diminishing interest in iAds statement. It was pretty clearly set up at first as an experiment that would only appeal to a select group of advertisers with very deep pockets. It even required Apple participation in the development of the Ad. So the next phase is lower the price and open it up more so that even political campaigns can use it. That said, I don't use ad based apps, so I have never seen an iAd. And I don't want to.
An underground auditorium could have next to no mobile network access, and the public access wifi turned off for important sessions.  
You are not asking the right question. Given it is censored, why on earth would anyone outside of china want to use Baidu as a search engine?I would get excited if it included DuckDuckGo as a search option. Uss Google search without the tracking or advertising.
What virgin should do to reduce the sticker shock is offer to sell the iPhone in installments, like their sister company does over here in Oz. Here you can choose over 12 or 24 months if you don't want to pay it all upfront. So you pay $30 for the service and then an additional monthly amount for the hardware, which would differ depending on the model iPhone (16,32,64 GB). These additional payments cease once the phone is paid off, leaving you with $30/month. More...
using the camera in the pen might solve one of the problems with using the ipad with a stylus to date: the UI APIs are set up with a thick thingy (your finger) in mind.  This solution might better allow for finer work.   I use styli all the time for note taking apps with handwriting recognition (notes plus) and it is good, but I could see it would work better if there was an API for finer work, or, an alternative approach as described..
But will Apple be able to customise the chips for optimisation with its software, like they currently do with ARM?  IF so, why not if it has advantages?  I think we are a ways of that though.
At those price points I suspect it isn't an iPad at all, but a high end ebook reader
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