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Did anyone but apple use app store to sell smartphone apps? or applications even? Before March 2011? Before amazon did (which i presume was in 2010)? I must admit I had never heard software referred to as apps prior to the iphone, and when i heard the reference actually thought they were some sort of special name for phone applications. Apple's weak bit is that the alliterative "Amazon Appstore for Android" was apparently OK, according to this article. questions,...
So you are a fan of holding the clown shoes of the phone world up against your head, and kid yourself that you can be productive using it on your lap.....just get a real, larger tablet if that is to be the purpose.
remember that the 4S was a performance upgrade to the same shaped iPhone 4. Production of the 4S could probably have been started earlier and of a higher scale than for the 5. So to have made 5m is impressive, to have shipped and sold all of them even more so. As for Gene Munster: bwaahhahahhahhaa!.
So how does it do journals that can be posted to the cloud like the iOS version of iPhoto?
there is no way Apple would include an adapter in the box with the iphone. That would be saying that they do not expect anyone to start using the new connector, and slow the adoption of new peripherals using the new connector. And cut down severely on margins.
The GSM A1429 might just be the CDMA version with the CDMA turned off in the qualcomm chip firmware
Sure, that's true, it's not so much about wifi.But without a cellular network providing AGPS it would take forever to get a lock. Look how much longer dedicated GPS products take to get a lock compared with a phone with GPS, and they would have a much more powerful GPS chip than a phone. So all in all I don't think it would be overly useful in a touch except for maybe fitness apps at the most, as a runner is much slower moving than a car.
It's a specialized app that comes with a pair of dark sunglasses and a stunning blonde spy as a protector.
I would call bulldust on those codes being the ipad mini. it will just be GSM and CDMA versions of the ipad 2 with a shrunk CPU.  Although, the complete absence of any codes that might be the ipad mini may suggest it is a long time away, or non existent.     If it was the legendary ipad mini, it would be ipad 4.x and 4.y, or maybe called something else altogether, like OSJDB 1.x. as it is an entirely new form factor, not just an internal change.  
Look, some employers can be real bastards, there is no way getting around it.  And some employees can be not a good fit, if not harmful to a company.  We are talking about people, here, with attitudes that fit across the entire bell curve.  I would be surprised if the distribution of bad to good employers was any different to that of employees.  So given there are many more employees than employers, the odds are that as an absolute number, there are many more bad...
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