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I doubt the price would be $200ish per unit. I would expect $299' with a long outside chance of $249 for the base model.
Not a very slavish copy though, they forgot the evidence bit.
I seem to recall that when Jobs said they would open source facetime, it was complete news to the programmers.  For the reasons described in  the article, it wasn't really possible.  
The powerbook 100 benefited from design assistance from Sony.  It was a ground breaking laptop at the time and all future laptops owe something to the powerbook 100.     From wikipedia     compare powerbook 140 to powerbook 100   I actually used a powerbook 100 for work.  Compared to the Mac Portable, which probably permanently injured my shoulder, it was a revelatory device to use, an experience not repeated until I got my first iphone.     Jobs himself always referred...
You all know the story of the little red hen, right?  The rRonald Reagan version is amusing as it seems to finish off in a way that clearly fits what is going on here:   The Little Red Hen Once upon a time there was a little red hen who scratched about the barnyard until she uncovered some grains of wheat. She called her neighbors and said 'If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?' "Not I, " said the cow.  "Not I," said...
Someone seriously wants a 4.8 inch screen phone? A phone? Derick Zoolander must be turning over in his grave. (aside: is he dead yet?) I have come to the conclusion people who want a screen that size never use the phone as a phone, because it looks friggin' stupid holding something that size against your head.
The passbook app in the iOS 6 beta tells you all you need to know.  How hard would it be to add master card,visa, paypal etc. to it?  Not hard at all.  But these apps will not be available until the RFID chip is in the next iphone, and Apple certainly won't be letting the cat of the bag before then.  
I dunno, I would think Apple would be planning a path to ARM A15, which as far as I know is dual core. From a marketing perspective it is a bit hard to trumpet an A9 "quad core!+1!" as the big promotion for the Apple A6 processor and then step back to "only" a dual core A15 in the Apple A7. I would have hoped the next iPhone has an A15 as the core of the Apple A6, or based on an early reference version thereof.
The obvious reason to have a non retina screen on an iPad mini, if such a creature ever exists, is to have something to add to the iPad mini 2 or 3.
If Apple produced a similar sized iPad for anywhere up to $100 more this ship would be sunk. The iPod mini/nano strategy redux.
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