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To make you look like you are doing better than your competitors, or in this case, your competitors aren't doing well.
In Australia you hardly see a non ipad tablet, when you do it is usually a samsung variant. I have seen a nexus tablet, the anti apple IT geek at work. He is doing all he can to get people off iPads and onto surface pros, and is encountering strong headwinds.
you can smoke too much Ganga? IWho knew?
In Australia with tap to pay credit cards the limit is AUD$100 before you have to sign. I was hoping the Touch ID would negate this as let's face it it is more secure, so that is a bummer.
Proloque2go is awesome assistive software. My wife teaches people that have had strokes, MND etc to use it, and one of her co workers uses it for kids with speech difficulties. Pre ipad/iPhone, this sort of software/ms tablet would cost you around $15,000 AUD. Don't ask me why, that was how much it was. Ipad and software combined now a lot less than a $1000. And instead of heavy and embarrassing, people actually want to carry it around and use it. The iPhone 6 + size...
At that price competition won't be good for HP. Maybe they plan to make it up in volume.
Well a lot of corporate IT departments are run by people that only understand Microsoft products. So this partnership helps stem the surface pro cheerleaders in the IT dungeons. It gives ios some exec cred. So when the ms certified nerd says " we need to shift from apple to surface!" The exec says "but IBM!"
sflagel must be an astroturfer. Seriously. In my country retailers are able to add the credit card fee to a transaction, and for those that do, it is usually 1.5-2%. iIf amex is 7% then that would explain why it is close to invisible in this country compared with visa and mastercard. Anyway, in the case of CurrentC vendors, the retail price of the product will be the same, there may or may not be discounts at the cashier, but COUPONS!!+!. Coupons you would probably...
That the edition watch has a special display case tells you that the edition is for collectors, not someone that wears it every day on their wrist. They probably would be ecstatic if they sold a hundred edition models. It will keep its value, like the Apple 1. The purpose of the edition is about positioning the entire Apple watch line.
I'd call that being taxed twice.
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