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Have you used journals in the iPad version of iPhoto?  It seems to work kinda like gallery if you have iCloud activated.  iPhoto on the mac doesn't seem to have journals yet, though.  
Whenever I hear of somebody complaining about how people/corporations try to minimise tax, I remember an Australian Government Parliamentary inquiry that touched on tax minimisation.  The inquiry was actually about media ownership, but an absolute classic statement occurred when some socialist tosser asked Kerry Packer, a media magnate second only to Rupert Murdoch, if he minimised his tax.  He replied:   "Of course I am minimising my tax. And if anybody in this...
  This post deserved to be repeated.  
I think the greenie hippies are saying that Apple doesn't tell them what they are doing, or promising to do things, so they are therefore B.A.D. Apple should realize that promises are just as good as delivery to brain dead NGOs like this mob. Apple should do what is a popular saying in my country: feed the chooks. Just make up plans to convert to 100% methane from the local sewer, One Day, with blow by blow reporting to greenpeace, some day soon, and Apple would all of a...
US carriers should do what Carriers elsewhere in the world do: have the monthly price of the contract without the phone, and add the explicit phone payment (which is currently a built-in subsidy in the US) as a separate item on the bill. This allows the consumer to see the impact of different phone costs on their monthly bill. With regard to the specific issue: if the carriers started jacking up against the most popular phone they would be in a bag of hurt. And even...
400 million units annually? Bwahahahhahhahahha! That is roughly triple current global production of i-devices. In Brazil! What rubbish. If there is one thing I hate, it's rent seekers and their bullsh***.
Regardless of the lack of merit, Apple will settle out of court. Nobody wants to look like they are picking on a little old lady. No matter how justified Apple would be to fight it, little old ladies are always right.
Some game developers use the UDID as an identifier if you want to go for the high score, without registering. Some developers are happy to do it as it means they don't have to develop anything more complicated that a rudimentary database using the UDID. Some people may not want to register but happy to post up a high score (yeah, I know). Of course, replace your phone for any reason and you have to start again. Game centre etc. are better, more secure options for...
I wonder what will happen to a video file in iCloud that has had the requiem treatment?
Of course they are. If they try to price it any higher it would be a total fail against a one year old iPad.
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