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The French government didn't have to be venal that it agreed to that lobbying though. Contrary to popular opinion, not all politicians are stupid idiots who believe anything some lobbyist tells them.No, follow the money. How much of this tax actually makes it to the record companies, let alone the artists. Euroweenies are the worst tax eaters on the planet.
All good and all, but they haven't up dated the Thunderbolt Display yet. Very overpriced, especially without thunderbolt 2 or USB3.
Well, at first glance it looks like a mistake, but i would make the observation now the whole world knows tmobile has both the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Note 3 It was most likely a mistake, but Silk purse from a sow's ear and all that.
So...why wasn't blackberry on that chart?
I suspect apple is heartbroken if people are prepared to pay for a higher margin product. Heartbroken. That said, is the 5C selling as well as a 4S a year ago? Or better? Is this carry on just a short seller strategy?
I suspect you will be spot on there. The reviews will all say: like the iphone sensor.
Another way of looking at this is that one of the reasons android phones are large is because it was a gap Apple left in the market which allowed android manufacturers to differentiate (well, that and allow for a bigger battery).Apple didn't leave a gap in the iPod market, and thus nobody else got any traction. I wouldn't want a larger phone than a 5, as I have an iPad. But I can see that some people do want a larger phone, and this information would tell you that a...
The one more thing I would like would be either the Apple TV with AppStore, or a matching expansion chassis for the Mac Pro that can also serve as a stand alone itunes server for the consumer market
Did you actually read Mr Perry's comment?Then, you would understand that "I realize that Amazon sometimes has to pay cellular download fees" means that Mr Perry is well aware that you, the user, is not paying the cellular download fees, but Amazon is, because the carrier still wants to charge someone. Amazon, who is thus paying the cellular downloads, is trying to recoup the cost off the book authors, because they are a much easier target than raising the price of the...
You know, with that configuration, there would be even less reason to buy an MS surface.
New Posts  All Forums: