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The GSM A1429 might just be the CDMA version with the CDMA turned off in the qualcomm chip firmware
Sure, that's true, it's not so much about wifi.But without a cellular network providing AGPS it would take forever to get a lock. Look how much longer dedicated GPS products take to get a lock compared with a phone with GPS, and they would have a much more powerful GPS chip than a phone. So all in all I don't think it would be overly useful in a touch except for maybe fitness apps at the most, as a runner is much slower moving than a car.
It's a specialized app that comes with a pair of dark sunglasses and a stunning blonde spy as a protector.
I would call bulldust on those codes being the ipad mini. it will just be GSM and CDMA versions of the ipad 2 with a shrunk CPU.  Although, the complete absence of any codes that might be the ipad mini may suggest it is a long time away, or non existent.     If it was the legendary ipad mini, it would be ipad 4.x and 4.y, or maybe called something else altogether, like OSJDB 1.x. as it is an entirely new form factor, not just an internal change.  
Look, some employers can be real bastards, there is no way getting around it.  And some employees can be not a good fit, if not harmful to a company.  We are talking about people, here, with attitudes that fit across the entire bell curve.  I would be surprised if the distribution of bad to good employers was any different to that of employees.  So given there are many more employees than employers, the odds are that as an absolute number, there are many more bad...
I doubt the price would be $200ish per unit. I would expect $299' with a long outside chance of $249 for the base model.
Not a very slavish copy though, they forgot the evidence bit.
I seem to recall that when Jobs said they would open source facetime, it was complete news to the programmers.  For the reasons described in  the article, it wasn't really possible.  
The powerbook 100 benefited from design assistance from Sony.  It was a ground breaking laptop at the time and all future laptops owe something to the powerbook 100.     From wikipedia     compare powerbook 140 to powerbook 100   I actually used a powerbook 100 for work.  Compared to the Mac Portable, which probably permanently injured my shoulder, it was a revelatory device to use, an experience not repeated until I got my first iphone.     Jobs himself always referred...
You all know the story of the little red hen, right?  The rRonald Reagan version is amusing as it seems to finish off in a way that clearly fits what is going on here:   The Little Red Hen Once upon a time there was a little red hen who scratched about the barnyard until she uncovered some grains of wheat. She called her neighbors and said 'If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?' "Not I, " said the cow.  "Not I," said...
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