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I initially laughed, but on reflection Orwellian is apropos.
Yeah I always thought looney tunes was just for laughs, but there is an actual lesson in there.Well, I suppose a producer could always improve their products by competing with themselves or even out of a sense of craftsmanship, but the truth is that progress and productivity would be much, much slower and the economy that much less overall. It would be against the interests of a monopoly to make rapid changes and improvements to a product as the development costs...
This is just a glorious demonstration of how capitalism works. competition drives continuous improvement and increased production that in turn is desired by consumers. aaple was made to improve its products because samsung was a competitive threat. Now it remains or be seen if samsung can keep up. Here is how it was seen sixty years ago, before we went and got all Keynesian:
I predict that eventually MCX is going to have to change from QR code to NFC. Then there would be no reason not to accept systems like Apple Pay, in fact they could set up a deal with Apple that includes a loyalty card system and does not involve the credit card companies. But in the meantime they are in for a great big bag of hurt.
Isn't it ironic that all the top three want to be as Apple like as possible, and one of them actually is Apple.
if you live in a country with download limits, streaming music is not a viable option. in fact a lot of iCloud functions present a dilemma if you have download caps.
Did they ask why the iPod touch was getting no love? I would be in the market for an A7 or A8 iPod touch, but not for an A5 or A6 version.
In Australia prepaid sims for iPad are common. Eg 12gb or twelve months, whichever comes first. Anyhow, to change carriers in the past, you always had to swap out the sim which is tied to a particular carrier. Presumably, an Apple sim allows the user to choose the carrier using a software menu based system. For unsupported carriers, you just swap the carrier's sim in. I think a physical sim will be required for a long time as too many carriers will not participate. And...
First step before removing SIM cards and their trays altogether. There are virtual sims in the future with menu based carrier selection! Maybe even an option to automatically select the carrier on the fly based on a range of options such as price or signal strength! Maybe it isn't on iPhone yet becuase of the ubiquity of carrier subsidies.
So this legendary Chinese voice over.....does anyone know what was being said? Was it someone hijacking the show, or was it something boring like a translator?
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