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Apps are not DRM-free like the music sold in iTunes. You can, however, share this app with up to 5 people and pay only one price.
No middle click is a big deal for me too. As a 3D artist, middle click is essential and excluding this from the mouse's functionality is a huge problem. Apple needs to address this soon.
Is renting a movie (preferably in HD) easy? Would be cool to rent an HD movie over the app to either finish watching it at home or just to start a download queue while at school. Also, renting in HD and watching over this app would be beneficial, especially since Sling compresses the video to begin with.
Wait, what? 5 repairs gets you a new computer? I had sent mine in (1st gen MacBook Pro) many more times than that (possibly more than double) and just recently got it exchanged for the unibody. Where does it state that 5 repairs gets you a new computer?
I just don't see how that's possible. Don't they both have the same front side bus and chipset?
Mine doesn't flicker. You may want to get yours checked out.
That's not the point, ass. The point is being able to support that amount of memory and buy it from some other retailer like Kingston or Corsair.
Aren't the 2.53 GHz Macs the same spec (except for the CPU speed) as those that support the 8GB of memory? CPU speed should not be able to dictate something like this, should it? And even so, with such a small gap in speed between the two models, you'd think you could install the 8GB on the original unibody Macs. This is all just wishful thinking as I have the 2.53 GHz MacBook Pro and would benefit greatly from the memory bump.
Two things:1) Where's the Apple TV data?2) What kind of currency is '$XM'? Are you doing roman numerals?
Update applied fine for me. I hope this fixes the common disconnecting issue I have been experiencing over WiFi.
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