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Actually the first title was last week, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
You can, just create a new, empty message, and enter the phone number as the username. Type your message and it goes off as a SMS text message.
What are these people smoking? I mean, I noticed as well that the speaker volume on my MBP increased after that update. I actually thought it was a welcome change. And you know what I did to rectify the "issue" if I thought the sound was blaring? I used the volume control and TURNED IT DOWN! Great, so now I got used to a little volume bump, Apple is going to take it away...
It's not the iTMS anymore. It's the iTS. Get it straight (for those who haven't, yet.)
Funny how, with a title like that, you'd expect more on the subject... not just one sentence.
Since September, huh? Well why didn't you just buy one of the new Core 2 Duo iMac's or the brand new 24" iMac that was released that month? Did you not notice they were out?
I'm wondering to myself while reading comments like this, just thinking, how is it that so many people are unlucky as they are and here I am with my MBP since Feb of last year and I'm still using the same power adapter? I'm not doing anything special. I wrap it up around the adapter itself when I take it on road trips with me. It simply can't be just me, can it?
Why not just give them the beta until the final comes out? It's free! I'm sure they won't complain about that.
Forgive me for asking, but why are you on your knees while using your MBP?
Maybe when the cables are frayed they play a little electrical tune... \
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