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Bummer. That's our only Apple Store in my city. Hopefully this one doesn't close or I guess it's time to invest in a true Apple Store to open up here.
From what I heard, you can use current peripherals with the iPhone, so all integrated iPod systems should work...With that said, I guess you could technically state that BMW is still first, since they already did this in 2004, but then you could say they're the first to include integration of an iPod everytime a new model comes out. But that would just get annoying.
Right? I was wondering where the speculation of that iPod was in the article. That seems like the most obvious addition.
I don't see why people keep bringing up non-widescreen TV's with component that are 480p. I have FOUR TV's in my house all of which are 4:3, have component inputs, but are only 480i. I KNOW that these types of TV's are out there (mainly because I own several). What about these TV's? Will they not be supported either? I have never heard of this...Heck, my PS3 is a frickin Blu-ray player hooked up via component capable of (although it's not) outputting at 1080p and...
Uh oh! A Daytona Dodge Chager! Kevin and Alex are sure not to attend, now! \
Um, Dead Man's Chest won't be released until December 5, 2006.
I saw an iMac setup at my local Best Buy store in El Paso, TX last week. I was very surprised because I heard no announcement of this happening. I guess they got an early start. Funny thing is, the had it booted to Windows XP with a crappy looking background (looked like some kid scibbled with the mouse in Paint). I went to Startup Disk, told it to boot OS X automatically, and restarted. I then, opened Photo Booth, took a silly picture, and left it on the screen.
Well, I guess my MacBook Pro is now obsolete. Can't wait to get one with an AMD CPU next year!
Just go to the Nike or Nike+ website. There are about 6-8 different styles (some even in different colors) for men alone. Not sure how many there are for women.
New Posts  All Forums: