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If you are correct on this statement, I find it very interesting. However, if it IS true, wouldn't Apple Computer be infringing on Apple Corps rights through music creation via Garageband? True, the user is in fact the one creating the music (with the exception of the loops), but it DOES fall into the music creation category. Although, it's not as popular as the iTMS, so maybe it's not getting as much attention. Maybe that's what Apple Corps will concentrate on next time.
Not entirely. I think, for the most part, people will wait until January and probably end up getting a gift certificate or something similar just because they want the Apple name and the Apple fashion.
This is extremely old news. I sent my request form in months ago.
What are you talking about? I'm still seeing it.
$50-$79 off and it's instant. No need to mail it in like Amazon. I'll stick with Apple's rebate.
How much will the education discount be?
It almost seems like they intentionally left bugs in the OS for 3.8 so that they could make a 3.9 before they released 4.0.
Don't forget El Paso, TX!!! CompUSA just doesn't do it for me anymore
Anyone else notice that the screen (in the article, not the forum) was taken from a Windows machine?\
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