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Runtastic Pro also runs natively without the app open on the iPhone. I am happy to report it works perfectly now.😀🎉🔝⌚️
This app is Crap. Tried it today on my 16 mile bike circuit and more than half way through it stopped working, when I tried to start it again, it started REPEATING a "zero miles in zero minutes" speech by the voice coach until I had to force quit the app on my iPhone 6s Plus and return to Runtastic Pro for the remainder of my circuit. And happy to report that Runtastic Pro runs on the WATCH without the app open on the iPhone.😱🔚 Meanwhile in other WATCH exercise news,...
How do I know I've got an iCloud backup of my WATCH ? I can't find where I do an WATCH iCloud backup in the first place. Still paired to my iPhone 6+. Been carrying both iPhones for two weeks now.😱⌚️
My 9.0.2 update has my new 6s Plus with disabled landscape mode while the same update applied to my old 6 Plus still has landscape mode working. Color me perplexed😝. Anybody else missing landscape mode after updating their new iPhone?
I was unaware of this list and cannot find it in settings on my AT&T iPhone 6+ nor on my AT&T iPhone 6S+ both running iOS 9.0.1. Would you mind telling us where we add our watch to this list please? Thank you in advance for your help.
There are a lot of breaking developments in radically longer battery life coming to market in the next few years. I find that if you use the WATCH for a 2-3 hr Runtastic monitored exercise plus Bluetooth music play, it will not last one day. So those of you who are getting all day or even two day battery life now are not doing that. Longer battery life is necessary NOW if you want to be able to take full advantage of all the WATCH power today. Days when I've tried to do...
My Sept 12 ATT 2-yr contract 128GB Space Gray iPhone 6S Plus order completed 12:21am pacific promised for Oct 16-23 is on an overnight FedEx plane from Ft Worth TX for Friday morning delivery in Santa Cruz CA.😱💥😜😃🎉📱
I see what you mean. But pressing the Apple Watch button doesn't lead to an AirPlay connection with any of my AirPlay enabled devices - tv & AirServe on my Mac.
Beats me. I've been patiently waiting almost 7 hours for my install to begin.😱It takes a bit of coaxing to make it work. Had to turn the WATCH off and on. Then go out the Software Uodate pane and back in before verifying... switched to installing... Even then there was a bogus “charger accessory not supported” message on the WATCH. And my 100% charge dropped to 81% in minutes. While the Software Update pane reverted to iOS 1.0.1 is up to date message while the WATCH...
Bluetooth off? AirPlay from the WATCH ?
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