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I ride a bike between 16 and 22 miles each afternoon. I use the built in Activity app AND Runtastic Pro in parallel. Runtastic maps my rides and tells me how far I've gone every fives minutes over the music I'm listening to with my Radsone LTS music player app that I can control with the WATCH built in music app and glance. The built in Activity app displays my total distance and calories burned (my choice) plus the digital current time in the upper right corner. Double...
That, Touch ID, 802.11ac and Force Touch are my must haves. If the mini update doesn't have all four of those with an A9 processor (I wish for but not a deal breaker like the above), I may stick with my mini 2 for another year or however long it takes.
The chart is incorrect. Although the initial Pay setup needs pairing an WATCH with one of those iPhones, once the setup is complete, WATCH Pay in Stores works without the iPhone connected. All the Pay card info is in a Lock Box inside your dual core 1GHz WATCH Wrist Computer.⌚️😃
Either one can be used with the Israeli magicJack app for FREE for life. I've been using magicJack on all my iPads, iPod touches and even all the time on my iPhones for FREE for years. Best kept secret in telecommunications.
No it doesn't. The iPhone or WATCH side of the transaction has nothing to do with Internet connectivity. Only the terminal side. Touch ID and Pay info are locked in a box on the iPhone or without Touch ID on the WATCH and never communicate with the Internet for anything.
I've had an WATCH SPORT on my wrist since the morning of April 28 so I think I understand the product pretty well. I don't perceive it as an iPhone accessory - that's your problem - but as the dual core 1GHz computer that it is. There is nothing poor about WATCH without the iPhone. I can still play 2GB of 420 songs that are on it. I can still use the Alarm and Timer apps. I can still see what time it is. Besides, we're not talking about an WATCH without access to a...
I have an WATCH SPORT and I know without the above it will still be fine. I use the alarm and timer a lot and the wi-fi derived tracking-mapping will be almost as good as GPS. Anyway the idea of pairing with non iPhone devices is at this point only an intellectual speculation. Not yet a reality. So don't worry. Apple engineers will figure all this out.If you want an WATCH now, you can calibrate it for exercise with anyone else's iPhone. Only takes a 20 minute walk or...
YET. I believe watchOS 2 WATCHes will be allowed to pair with any iOS 9 device in October. I have no basis to believe this other than how such capability will radically expand the market for WATCHes. So it seems like an engineering/marketing no brainer to me. Look for the WATCH app to be included in all iOS 9 installations across all iOS 9 qualified devices.
Cellular, GPS & Touch ID are not necessary for WATCH to work well. WiFi is all one needs for most WATCH features to work perfectly.GPS is a Maps feature but certainly not necessary.The Pay setup for WATCH has nothing to do with Touch ID. That's why iPhone 5 and 5c are pairing supported.And using Pay with the WATCH has nothing to do with being connected to the Internet on the WATCH side of the transaction. Pay info is confined to a locked box inside the WATCH.⌚️😃
Get rid if your feature phone expense by installing magicJack on your iPod touch. It's FREE to call anyone. And if you buy one of their $35 dongles, you get a free phone number for life to use with the app. No need to renew the dongle annual fee. The app's yours to use free for life.
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