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I' ex been running the install for 6 hours now with no joy. Perpetual Preparing... mode. What gives?
There was no iPad Air 3 announced last week.😕
Me too. I'll wait for a 3-D Touch A9 mini in a year I hope. I think Air 3 MUST have an A9X 3-D Touch minimum. It'll possibly be named iPad Air 3-D💥😱🔜iPad Pro is so different and powerful that 3-D Touch isn't necessary for it to be a hit. I plan to buy one in November with all my Perk Points all my devices earn for me daily.😜🔚You had me at Semetrical Aspect Self Adjusting Surround Sound. It's gonna sound AWESOME🔜😱😍😩👽📺🎉💥
Me too. I wanted to upgrade from the A7 mini 2 to an A9 mini 4, but I also have an Air 2 and I don't want a mini that's still second class - especially without 3D Touch. Have to wait another year I guess.😖
I guess the downside is it's locked to ATT. But grandfathered unlimited data was my reason for buying under one last 2 yr contract for $499 (128 SG Plus). My monthly charge isn't going to change no matter how I buy it. So I agree with you. Just keep in mind that if you wait til December, ATT might not be offering 2-yr subsidized iPhones any more by then.
I don't believe my iPhone 6 Plus Incipio Stowaway case will fit my iPhone 6S Plus. It's a hard case with no forgiveness for that much taller iPhone 6S Plus.
You can still get the ATT subsidized price and a new 2-yr contract ONLY ON THE ATT.com website. I paid $499, $83 CA Sales Tax plus a $45 ATT upgrade tax. Kept my grandfathered unlimited and will buy Applecare Plus from Apple for $130 after I get the 128GB Space Gray iPhone 6S Plus working. Saved $405 off list. Finished order at 12:21 am PDT. Delivery direct from Apple scheduled for October 16-23.
That's right. Only way to get a subsidized ATT iPhone 6S/Plus is on the ATT.com website.
Not a deal breaker for me but I'm surprised this spec isn't on the Apple site. Would like to know too.Found confirmation it is 2GB system ram.
It's not bunk if the survey propels WATCH dialog and talking points. Nobody is saying the survey represents the average consumer. No WATCH owner is an average consumer. We're all Innovators and Early Adopters. Join the survey and be a part of history.
New Posts  All Forums: