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I didn't know this and lost all my thousands of playlists on my Mac Pro after turning that switch on in my 8.4 iPad Air 2 in the morning and then installing iTunes 12.2 late yesterday afternoon. Everything gone. 20 years of playlist building gone in a flash. Thank god I had a Time Machine backup on my Time Capsule. But it took about 6 hours to Recover my iTunes 12.1.2 and all my playlists. That was very scary. And to begin with 12.1.2 wouldn't let me copy a new set of...
Me too. It's not a fad. In fact this moment is a Sea Change in the history of personal computing. We're starting with the power of TWO iPhone 4Ses. Do all these naysayers understand that? It's a pair of 1968 Cray Supercomputers which took a whole room to fit in. Plus our WATCH is built on a 28nm chip that will likely be going to 14nm in 2016. So it seems to me that all the doomsayers and naysayers are without any understanding of what is going on at all.
You have no inkling about what you are writing about. WATCH is an extremely useful tool right now. Consider time telling, haptic alarm alerts, haptic timer alerts, incoming iMessage haptic alerts, incoming phone call haptic alerts, outside temperature and future weather info, etc etc. These features alone make wearing an WATCH an awesome blast. Yet all you naysayers can come up with are stupid rationalizations for not owning one.💥😱😩😜😖😰⌚️
But it's my understanding that by September AT&T won't give us a subsidized price option any more. Am I mistaken?
Look carefully at the short band. The end of it widens to accommodate a silver metal hole you stick the long end in to accomplish the Loop part. Really distracts from the otherwise good look. In fact I had to move it to the inside side of my WATCH SPORT just to minimize its distraction to those looking at it from the outside. But then I had to look at it all the time and really don't like it 'cause everything else is dark gray and blue. I'm not a silver kind guy at...
Yes the local feeds are going to be much harder to acquire and deliver.😖
I bought the Blue Leather Loop band for my SG WATCH SPORT last Saturday at Palo Alto  Store. But after a couple of days I decided I like the Black Rubber Band better and returned it for a $163.00 refund at the Los Gatos  Store Saturday. Definitely not worth $163. The silver hole in the short end of the Leather Loop band looks very out of place. Leather Loop Band doesn't fit nor feel any better than the rubber band.😖😱💥🎉⌚️👀
This app has gone missing. No Longer Available in the App Store. And the update on the iPad delivers the same message. What gives?
This app is really bad at delivering even headlines. All I get is the word APPLEINSIDER at the top of the WATCH screen then nothing - just a blank black screen - even if headlines briefly appear first. Then blank black screen. Google News works much better.
Me too.
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