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YET. I believe watchOS 2 WATCHes will be allowed to pair with any iOS 9 device in October. I have no basis to believe this other than how such capability will radically expand the market for WATCHes. So it seems like an engineering/marketing no brainer to me. Look for the WATCH app to be included in all iOS 9 installations across all iOS 9 qualified devices.
Cellular, GPS & Touch ID are not necessary for WATCH to work well. WiFi is all one needs for most WATCH features to work perfectly.GPS is a Maps feature but certainly not necessary.The Pay setup for WATCH has nothing to do with Touch ID. That's why iPhone 5 and 5c are pairing supported.And using Pay with the WATCH has nothing to do with being connected to the Internet on the WATCH side of the transaction. Pay info is confined to a locked box inside the WATCH.⌚️😃
Get rid if your feature phone expense by installing magicJack on your iPod touch. It's FREE to call anyone. And if you buy one of their $35 dongles, you get a free phone number for life to use with the app. No need to renew the dongle annual fee. The app's yours to use free for life.
Touch ID has nothing to do with being connected. It's local on the device only. WiFi is so ubiquitous that WATCH could very easily fully function very well without the need for always connected to the internet conditions.
You do between a 128GB iPhone 6/Plus and a new 128GB iPod touch.😃
Nope. Don't believe that for a minute. It's a dual core 1GHz Wrist Computer. Only tethering to iPhones is the temporary opening limited capability that could and should be lifted with watchOS 2 and iOS 9. I doubt Apple engineering and marketing haven't known that long ago. Even I can see that and I'm a dummy.😱💥😜
There's no GPS requirement for WATCH pairing. I believe the Apple Maps app still works using WiFi tower proximity calculations. Correct me if I'm mistaken. Yes, you can see on the desktop of the new IPod touch in the Apple Store that Maps is an included app.I'm imagining all watchOS 2 and iOS 9 devices might be allowed to pair with one another. I'm not spreading a rumor. I'm fantasizing it will be allowed by Apple in September. It seems like the most logical way to...
I respectfully disagree. WATCH has a great deal of non-internet autonomy now and will have more so with watchOS 2 in September. While part of its functionality may be hindered without an Internet connection, most of it won't be and could seamlessly resume when a WiFi zone is entered. WATCH is beginning as an iPhone tethered Wrist Computer. But anyone who thinks it's just and only an iPhone accessory is failing to see the big picture watchOS 2 reveals.💥⌚️😱😜
Yet. I think Apple will reveal WATCH support, pairing capability, between all watchOS 2 and iOS 9 devices in September.
I plan to buy the Space Gray 128GB model to load up a lot of my iTunes Library. I think this model will herald an iPod touch resurgence among music lovers who own a large library of songs and gamers. It'll also make a great lightweight magicJack VOIP iPhone.
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