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What? No Force Touch? Bummer. But the A8 M8 processors are great. Wonder if the system RAM is 1 or 2 GB? Love the 128GB storage option. With magicJack installed it's a WiFi VOIP 4" iPhone 6 minus Touch ID. Wonder if an WATCH running watchOS 2 will be allowed to pair with this running iOS 9. Can't imagine why not. Would open up a whole wider market for WATCH since these iPod touches are a lot less expensive than their iPhone counterparts. I'm excited. Gamers are gonna...
Drake is very popular with the kids. He hosted an episode of SNL this 40th season. His rap isn't half bad if you like Rap. He's kinda cute in an urban black scene kinda way. You can check out samples of his work on iTunes or in your Apple Music trial.
From where I sit as an avid Trance and House fan, I think Apple Music is all Crap all the time. I don't even listen to my free trial ever. I had a taste of the opening of Beats 1 - horrible crap, lost all my music and playlists. With iCloud Music turned ON without a “You will lose all your music” warning, when I realized TOO LATE that without warning it was gonna destroy my music on my iPad so I turned it OFF and sure enough all the songs and playlists I had manually...
128GB Space Gray 6S Plus on day one for me.🎉😃
I don't like this new campaign at all.
Daniel, I love and respect your editorials every time. But I don't understand how you can proclaim Apple Music a success when I almost lost my entire 4TB library and all my 20 years of playlist building just because there was no warning that when you turn ON iCloud Music Library, it may destroy your iTunes Library and all your playlists. Thank God for Time Machine backup.
If you really can't wait, then buy gen 1 now and join the adventure of early adoption. Why miss out on 2-3 years of all the advantages of WATCH ownership now? Gen 1 is well worth it. There is no good logical reason to wait for some mythical Gen 3 in the future when Gen 1 is totally awesome already. Or are you simply rationalizing not getting one 'cause you don't have $483 now? Come on man or woman! WATCH SPORT is the least expensive computer Apple sells. You can...
Nothing is worth waiting for if you're running out of time 'til death. And even if you don't think you are, why wait for a future version while missing out on all the fun, adventure and advantages of WATCH ownership now?
Any changes to the dimensions of the WATCH would destroy all the hardware developer work and money spent by us for third party cases and bands. So far I've spent $170 on two different cases and a matching band for one of them so although I welcome any and all improvements inside - which I will certainly buy on day one, I wouldn't be happy about a second model that isn't compatible with the cases and band I've already bought.
No it's not corruption. It's because the authors of iTunes don't use iTunes so they fail to understand how iTunes is used by customers so they build in what they perceive to be “Features“ that are in fact “Bugs”. I'm one of those who lost thousands of playlists and songs by turning ON iCloud Music Library on my iOS 8.4 iPad Air 2 Tuesday morning just after agreeing to the Apple Music service 3-month free trial and then ONLY AFTER DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING and LAUNCHING...
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