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Me too.
So why is my 12:03 am 42mm Space Gray WATCH SPORT order promised for April 24-May 8 still in the Pricesing Order Stage while the Preparing for Shipment example of the same order isn't promised til mid-late May?😨😁😂⌚️
42mm Space Gray WATCH SPORT ordered within the first minute in California - still no joy. 😨 Called Apple about the Pay crash on the 11th to make sure my card was still going to work and sure enough that crash caused my card to not work when Apple attempted to get an authorization for my Applecare+ while I was talking to the rep. She then changed my method of payment to directly charge the card I had successfully used with Pay on the 10th. So if you had that Pay...
That's your credit card company's requirement. Has nothing to do with Pay.
Brilliant idea. I've followed you and ordered 5 kits (max allowed)
You can buy an WATCH rubber bumper from ActionProof for $20. Protects it fully. Black, White or Orange.
Yeah, how will Touch ID Apple Pay be implemented on Apple Watches?
Yeah that's what I figured out and did to avoid paying an extra $100 for a fourth 4GB stick since I'll be pulling the 3 base sticks to put in four 16GB sticks for only $680 more thanks to that $100 saved by building my loaded six core MacPro from the base config.
My large East Coast third party Apple Dealer reports they just got Verizon iPad minis with Retina Display in Friday the 13th. Still waiting for them to get my 128GB Black AT&T model I ordered at launch. I just ran that in store checker the article references in the second sentence. It seems the 16 & 32 GB models are in while the 64 is 7-14 days out and the 128 GB model is 21-28 days out. So desired capacity is key to getting one this month vs next year. Upon further...
My large volume third party authorized Apple dealer doesn't expect their large preorder from Apple for another 10 days.
New Posts  All Forums: