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Installed Lion on a blank 2TB HD from a Lion flash drive then migrated settings and apps from my Snow Leopard HD. I find it sluggish. Disappointed how sluggish. Wondering if some Snow Leopard settings make it so. But I did do the migration without yesterday's Snow Leopard Migration Assistant update. So right now I don't know if I should start over or if I should just hang in there until 10.7.1 comes out. And on my 4GB 2.4 GHz 2008 BlackBook, the Lion FaceTime is just as...
So today's release is build 11A494 ? Yes or no please?
Why Won't 13" MBP Thunderbolt Support Two External 2560 x 1600 Monitors? I thought all Thunderbolt ports support Dual Link displays. No?
I agree. What I don't read here is the fact that most of Lion's greatness is not something you can see. While it's easy to take potshots at whatever graphical interface changes one may not like, the fact is that Lion is our first fully 64-bit Mac OS X and for example simply the 64-bit rewrite of iTunes is a massive performance improvement - according to the feedback from developers I've read. So let's not judge this new book by its cover please. The new 64-bit foundation...
Me too. I'm a heavy iPad 2 user and just ordered my first Magic Trackpad from B&H this morning for use with my Mac Pro and Kensington Turbo Mouse I've been using since 1985.
It's easy peazy to make a Lion install DVD. I respectfully disagree Lion is less revolutionary than previous versions. I think it is the most Revolutionary version yet because it's MPG centric: Multi-Touch, Physics, Gestures. Who would want to downgrade to Snow Leopard? That would be absurd.Very few if any. The benefits of Lion far outweigh the loss of Rosetta.But many would postpone til they couldn't or forget to go through the machinations Apple would require to give out...
Why? Have you read AT&T's new submission to the FCC? Almost everyone is supportive of the merger. Except you of course. AT&T files statement with FCC in support of T-Mobile acquisitionYou might change your mind after reading this.
Well from my point of view, I find it hard to understand why people don't own and use both an iPhone and an iPod Touch. The phone's 32 GB max storage capacity is hardly enough for music if you use the iPhone as a still and video camera. The 64 GB iPod Touch is still not big enough storage for me just for music. I listen to my always full iPod Touch while my iPhone keeps some space left for shooting stills and movies.I'm hoping for a 128 GB dual core iPod Touch this Fall...
I submitted a feedback form offering to pay an extra $100 for a 64GB iPhone, 128GB iPod Touch and iPad. But perhaps the market for that much storage isn't that big.
He meant to answer YES.
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