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My large East Coast third party Apple Dealer reports they just got Verizon iPad minis with Retina Display in Friday the 13th. Still waiting for them to get my 128GB Black AT&T model I ordered at launch. I just ran that in store checker the article references in the second sentence. It seems the 16 & 32 GB models are in while the 64 is 7-14 days out and the 128 GB model is 21-28 days out. So desired capacity is key to getting one this month vs next year. Upon further...
My large volume third party authorized Apple dealer doesn't expect their large preorder from Apple for another 10 days.
Me too. But I'm not buying anything without an A7 M7 inside. So while retina mini is one factor, for me, A7 M7 is required for me to pull the trigger on a mini. Also note the 9.7" iPad 5 will likely only weigh one pound vs the 1.5 pound 4th gen. So it's going to be a LOT LIGHTER and much closer to the weight of the iPad mini this time round.
I sure hope not. I think Apple needs to be aggressive about deploying 64-bit A7 processors in all iOS devices going forward. Only a supply issue could be why no A7 in the next iPad mini. Perhaps you're right for that reason.
The grand opening with t-shirts for the first fifteen hundred guests is tomorrow morning Saturday September 7 at 10 am. I'll be there about 4AM to get in the queue.   5:40am and I am the only person here. I'm number one in the queue and there is no number two. ! 😱
The 128GB storage option is my #1 reason for wanting to upgrade from my 64GB iPhone 5. If they offered a 256GB model it would still not be enough for my voracious appetite for more storage capacity.
Migrating CDMA to GSM LTE seems pretty tricky to me. How da do Dat?
Hope the June 10 Keynote will be a live webcast like last Fall's iPad mini Keynote was.
T-Mobile and regional carriers are starting with the sixth generation iPhone not fifth. IPhone 5 is the 6th gen model. Original, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5.
I've bought all four 64GB models at launch. While its the spec I've been wanting since the beginning of the iPad, I'm going to try and hold out for the 128GB iPad 5 version even though I could use the additional capacity now. Not sure how long I'll be able to restrain myself from buying this upgrade though.
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