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I read with much dismay the Cult of Mac recommendation to buy the $799 2.5 GHz i5 Mini. I guess the author has no clue how much more bang you get for your buck when you spend only $100 more for a 2.7 GHz i7 capable of Turbo Boosting (2.0) up to 3.4 GHz while it Hyper-Threads 4 threads instead of 2 on an i5 that can't even Turbo Boost. That's almost an additional 2 GHz of dual thread x2 capacity for only $100 more for a total of 6.8 GHz vs 8 GHz on the $999 2.0 GHz Quad...
No. Are you saying that after you did the install with the 4GB Lion installer that you didn't back up, it was fully deleted? You'd think there would have been some warning before Apple did that to your new software property wouldn't you? Surprise surprise.I GAVE YOU THE LINK TO DIRECTIONS HOW TO DO IT from what you downloaded:How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive. Sorry if you have to download it again. But really, numerous How To articles about how to make an...
You don't need to backup the installer. Just make a DVD or Flash drive from the InstallESD.dmg disk image in the package contents folder with Disk Utility.LINK TO DIRECTIONS HOW TO DO IT:How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive.
While I understand what you mean and agree a little, it's under the hood stuff you can't see that makes Lion roar. In particular, the new 64-bit iTunes 1.4 is radically faster than 1.3.1 in Lion. And a lot more to come - esp iCloud which fully blown will only work from Lion.
Why is your MacBook still running Leopard after 2 years with Snow Leopard for $25? But yes you can make an install DVD or Flash Drive from the iMac download then use that to install Lion on all your other Macs that meet the minimum hardware requirements. Just Google Lion Install DVD to find step by step instructions how including on the Macworld website. You'll probably have to kill your Macbook's drive though because you don't have Snow Leopard installed on it. So a...
In Dock Click On An App Then Options Then Remove From Dock.
As someone who edits tags on a daily basis and dreads waiting for iTunes to advance to the next track, I am thrilled to report 10.4 is radically faster than all versions to date. Finally an iTunes that is as fast as humans. But the list and source UP & DOWN Arrows were gone front he top and bottom of each column. Bummer. Guess I'll have to write a feedback form to ask for them back. Use them a lot of the time.
Forgot to mention that in Zoom Mode the drag up doesn't move the Zoom view until you go over beyond the left edge. Very bad bug if you use Zoom all the time like I do. What's an authorized data migration? I did do a fresh install on an empty HD.
Installed Lion on a blank 2TB HD from a Lion flash drive then migrated settings and apps from my Snow Leopard HD. I find it sluggish. Disappointed how sluggish. Wondering if some Snow Leopard settings make it so. But I did do the migration without yesterday's Snow Leopard Migration Assistant update. So right now I don't know if I should start over or if I should just hang in there until 10.7.1 comes out. And on my 4GB 2.4 GHz 2008 BlackBook, the Lion FaceTime is just as...
So today's release is build 11A494 ? Yes or no please?
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