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Check it out — http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/g4_mirrored_drive_doors/noise_reduction/g4_ddr_noise_reduction.html A silencing solution for those pesky power supply fans that seem to be a lot of the culprit. Let's all thank Martin Kaufmann for his excellent How-To-Fix-It report complete with photos. Brian, The ATI Radeon 9000 Pro video...
iconmaster, Thank you and Martin Kaufmann so much for publishing that fan replacement piece over at xlr8yourmac. Wow! That's the first thing I'm going to do when I get my 1.25 GHz model. Excellent!
Matsu, Would you please elaborate on what you know about iminent 1600x1200 LCDs@$999 please? With digital inputs or analog only? From what manufacturers? Your source of the info? Thanks.
Education price of Final Cut Pro 3 is only $300. Why would you want to use Premiere when you can use FCP 3 with After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop with more powerful capabilities than Premiere 6.5?
Never heard of it. Why? What do we need it for? Have you told Roxio?
Yo liquidh2o! Get that tower down on the floor where it belongs and you'll be much happier without all that noise in your face and wasted desktop space. PLEASE!
This is the resolution I have been waiting years for. Two of these give you 166% more desktop space than the Apple HD for $100 less money — 3200 x 1200 $3400 vs. 1920 x 1200 $3500. One ADB + one DVI + one Dual 1.25 GHz PowerMac and you'll be in 2003 PowerMac computing heaven for $6700. Formac is becoming the serious alternative flat panel monitor choice for Power Users who like to do their homework.
I think we might see the ATI 9700 as a BTO option for the PowerMac line by October or November.
There are an awful lot of wierd posts on this thread. How about common sense. Not too much and not too little. The PowerMacs went up a minimum of 25% and in some cases more than 100%. So I HOPE from Apple: PowerBooks: 1GHz/2MB L3 cache, 167MHz FSB Bus, 2700 DDR RAM max 2x1GB sticks, ATI Mobility 9000 32 MB Video, Bluetooth, USB2 $2995 800 MHz/1MB L3 cache, 133MHz FSB Bus, 2100 DDR RAM max 2x1GB sticks, ATI Mobility 9000 32 MB Video, Bluetooth, USB2 $2395 iBooks: When...
Spoke with Roxio tech support today and they said that they expected Toast 5.2 with Yamaha CRW-F1 Graphics/Text Burning and Jaguar 10.2 support might be posted as soon as Thursday September 5th.
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