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From Yamaha tonight: "Roxio will be adding the DiscT@2 function into Toast Titanium in version 5.2." No release date given. Still waiting to hear from Roxio. CNET just gave this drive editor's choice. See the review at http://computers.cnet.com/hardware/0-1095-404-20192504.html [ 08-21-2002: Message edited by: Multimedia ]

Received from Yamaha PR department today, The good news is that Roxio already supports the CRW-F1. We asked Roxio to create a special module for the DiscT@2 function and they have done so. Our CRW-F1ZDX shipping in earlyÂ*September will come bundled with Roxio Toast Lite which includes the DiscT@2 feature and soon after, Toast Platinum will support this feature as well. FYI, we have a very close relationship with Roxio and our main goal is to make sure our Macintosh users...
I agree with you. I'd like to upgrade my B/W overclocked to 500 MHz G3 to a dual 1GHz or at least one 1 GHz G4. Still waiting for an appropriate Zif option myself.
System: G4 500MHz Cube 1.5 GB RAM OS 10.1.5 Results: default launch 9.3 seconds 1450.9 MegaFlops or 1.45 GigaFlops Pretty bad number but this Mac feels quite quick for DSL web browsing, writing, mail. Looking forward to Jaguar performance improvement. Still on teh fence about moving to the dual 1.25 GHz MysteryMac™
No, I didn't get one yet. But those of you who have ordered one, please post a reception alert here when yours arrives. Curious if they are going to ship much sooner than Apple said they would. I've seen threads where they appear to be only days away from shipping rather than the originally reported months.
The Yamaha IDE CRW-F1 IS listed on http://www.pricewatch.com. It's at the bottom of the first Storage-> CD Recorders column: "$158 EIDE 44x24x44" including shipping. ($168 CA from ID) The Tatooing is done with graphics software that is included. They will be shipping SCSI and FireWire/USB2 external versions by the end of this month with total Macintosh solution software incuded. Go to their site and read ALL of...
Analogue bubblebath, I know it's Motorola's fault. I'm just saying that Apple should do whatever it takes to get a processor ANY PROCESSOR that will support the entire speed boost to the 333MHz DDR level as long as it processes instructions faster than the current G4 1.25 GHz. I don't care if it's a Pentium 4 AMD — whatever. I hope it's the new 8X capable IBM chip that is coming up.
Apple would NEVER overclock a third party part from a manufacturer that has sold them 1.25 GHz processors they stand behind. These are not unethical people. I suggest this thread should be closed on the basis that it assumes that Apple is an unethical company that would LIE to their user base. That is absurd.
http://www.yamaha.com/yec/multimedia/customer/features/feat_prodsCRWF1_1.html The new revolutionary Yamaha 44x/24x/44x CRW-F1 is the only way to go in that second slot. It costs over $150 right now. But it can inscribe disc info on the unused portion of each CD with it's powerful inscriber capable laser. "DiscT@2™ Yamaha's exclusive DiscT@2™ system burns graphics...
I thought I was going to buy one before the announcement and independent evaluations since. But with the fake DDR memory that doesn't have a correspondingly fast FSB, it looks like a marketing trick rather than any sort of significant engineering achievement. I don't feel like buying a marketing trick this year. When Apple can deliver a FSB that matches the DDR memory bus, then I will buy the significant engineering advancement. Like the man said above, "Where's the...
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