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I quit my AT&T message plan because i only use iMessage and rarely have to pay for any green texts which I refuse to send if they aren't Free iMessage Blue.
i use the magicJack app to make crystal clear VOIP phone calls on my iPad 3 - about to be 4 - and my iPhone 5 all the time. Free calls for life. Only have to pay $10 a year to have my old land line number on my free calls account that replaced my $300 a year land line.I'm not getting an iPad mini until it goes Retina. Spoiled on the Retina iPad 3 & 4 and iPhone 4, 4S & 5.I'm grandfathered in unlimited data on both my iPad 4 and my iPhone 5. 😜
Why is the fact that Apple is not selling unlocked iPhones in this launch not headline worthy? I need an unlocked no contract unlocked black AT&T 64GB iPhone 5 for $849 for myself not to resell. But the unlocked iPhone option is not in the Store. I want it so I can run it on the AT&T network under the http://ConsumerCellular.com radically lower no contract billing system. Just off the phone with Apple Sales who says they'll likely become available in a couple of weeks...
Cant buy UNLOCKED. Now how much longer will I have to wait? 😖😱 What should be my strategy? Open a new att contract then kill it for the unlocked price difference? Went over to AT&T's site where they at least present the illusion they'll sell you an unlocked iPhone 5. But the execution buttons don't work. 😠😡
Was ready to buy my Black ATT UNLOCKED 64GB model for $849 at midnight only to discover Apple has omitted the buy unlocked option. Only contract iPhones can be bought today. I am super bummed out. Plan to phone tomorrow.
NOT SELLING UNLOCKED is the headline for your next story. I am pissed. If I'm willing to shell out over $1,000 for an unlocked iPhone why should I have to wait til later to be allowed to buy one that way?
Hey everybody. I guess this is the AI Virtual Queue. I'm down in Santa Cruz teaching seniors how to use their iOS devices. Getting ready to buy my first UNLOCKED iPhone. Recently discovered http://ConsumerCellular.com which lets me fly on the AT&T network for $11.88 a month thus saving me about $800 a year in excessive AT&T fees. So I'm shelling out $849 plus sales tax • BLACK AT&T 64GB • plus $99 for the AppleCare+ to skip the expensive contract. I fact, I just killed my...
I recently started using Google Chrome for my iPhone, iPad and Mac. I'm really happy with it. It's fast and on the iPhone & iPad it has unlimited Tabs which is unprecidented. Not full screen yet. But the unlimited Tabs is a feature that trumps full screen for me. Perhaps Chrome for Mac would help you forget Safari's new shortcomings. It has for me. And you can make Chrome your Mac's default browser in the default browser setting in pane 1 of Safari. 😃
Those aren't bugs. They're permanent changes to the system. No more PPC apps and no more arrows. You need to tell your clients to either stay with Snow Leopard on old hardware or get with the program on new hardware.
Thanks for finding that Marvin. I spoke with a Seagate customer service guy this morning who is quite experienced and he said inside the Mac Pro was going to be virtually indistinguishable from the $90 might work eSATA solution. I was thinking that driverless eSATA HighPoint card would work but the more I think about it, it just isn't worth it. I started this thread thinking USB 3, then rethought to eSATA 6Gbps and now I'm back to a plain new SSD inside on a sled @ 3Gbps...
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