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I heartily agree. Moreover, because iPads are 4x3 devices, the 7.85" iPad will have a significantly larger screen area than all the other 7" products which are only 16x9 devices.
Yes but Apple has such a huge lead in patents and the iOS and OS X ecosystem how could any of us ever defect to any other company's line of inferior products. As owner of about 10,400 apps I can't imagine ever using anything that's not made by Apple running iOS or OS X way better than any other OS could ever do on another company's hardware. The idea that you can quantify a percentage of users who would defect for a short term savings of money radically discounts and...
I've not read of anyone getting the “Not Charging” message after their New iPad reaches 100%. I don't mean while it's plugged into a computer. I mean while plugged into the New iPad's charger in the wall. That's my beef. I get this all the time after it reaches 100%. And its got me bummed because I want the 1 watt trickle charge to continue while it's plugged in. Because of this displayed message with no black plug inside the grey battery icon, I can't tell if it's trickle...
I bought all three Black 64GB ATT on day one. Still have both the first two. I read a survey this week that says half the owners of old iPads will buy the new one within the first 90 days of availability. So the poster who thinks it's only for new customers is mistaken.
Yes 16 is now a pathetic size, 32 is the new 16 and 64 is the new 32. I'm guessing Apple had to make a trade off on the smaller supply of 64GB storage modules - choosing to use them all in the 64GB iPhone 4S vs using two of them in 128GB iPads which I was expecting to be able to buy for perhaps $1029. I figure a $200 premium for an additional 64 is worth it. But I guess Apple makes even more off each one of those in a 64GB iPhone 4S that might otherwise go into short...
Me too.
Yes you are. That's the whole point. Until you see it, you don't realize how crappy the pre 3 iPad displays are. I am earliest adopter of both iPads and I can tell you in no uncertain terms the current displays are crap. I read a lot of small text, and it blows on these old iPad displays compared to reading on my iPhone 4S. Night & Day believe it. And this shortage rumor is akin to stating that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. Duh.
DittoZactly. Complete poppycock. Apple hasn't been making iPad 2s since December. Absurd to think they would compromise capacity to make all the iPad 3s they can since demand will exceed supply all year long. Plus a huge refurb/used market of the old iPads will cover all the low spenders' needs. Duh.
I want that too. But with only 15% buying 64GB iPads, it's unlikely. Hope I'm wrong. I would gladly pay whatever Apple deems fair for a top of the line 128GB model.
Do you know where and what time? 10am at Apple HQ
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