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Hate the dumb cover. Love the original case. Using paper hole punch for the rear camera, Xacto Knife to cut speaker rectangle and mic hole in top. Save $39 and get further use out of the original iPad case for another year.
If you both share the same Apple ID, you can both own paid apps for the price of one instead of paying twice for separate Apple ID accounts. \
I can now reveal, after placing my orders, that MacConnection began taking orders 12 minutes ago and you are likely to get them faster and cheaper from them. 800.986.4420
The gigantic 369 MB GarageBand for iPad is downloading this old iPad even as I post, while the new Universal iMovie is loading on my iPhone 4 but not on my iPhone 3GS.
Apple is going to expedite all orders. You're just wasting your money to pay for next day. IMO
Wake up. Apps for this already exist. Don't remember their names. Google it for solutions that exist now. Found it: RemotePC Remote Access for iPad only and it's FREE. \tJumiAmp Lite – Remote Control for iTunes & WinAmp music & video play for all 3 iOS devices. FREE too. by JumiTech Category: Music Updated: Nov 23, 2010 92 Ratings for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad or \tJumiOne - Desktop/Remote/Keyboard/Mouse, Remote Webcam & Media Remote for PC $3.99...
Yes. The install went smoothly on my 64GB 3G including retaining all 1554 Apps in the same place I left them in. Took about 2 hours. All is noticeably faster but part of that perception could be placebo. Dual Browser Free is already super fast.
No, the 4 & 5 Finger Pinches & Swipes Don't Work With The Public Release. Bummer. So how do we do that? Is there a tutorial step by step for dummies? Thank you. I didn't read above first. I have one of those free developer accounts and still can download Snow Leopard Xcode 3.2.6 for free. Downloading it now - 4.14 GB.Need a paid developer account to be able to get Xcode 4 for free. Don't want to pay $5. Much appreciated noirdesir.Are these gestures available for the...
30 minute install from beginning of download to completion about 30 minutes. Noticeably faster. All the apps came back up in their folders and even those that were open in 4.2.1 came back still open in 4.3. Cool. Now installing on iPad. 45.5 GB of 1558 Apps plus a little music and a few videos. After downloading 4.3 it went into "Genius - Sending information to Apple" mode for quite a few minutes. Backup going very fast - almost done. Pre-Transfered all purchases from...
I waited a month for the White iPhone 4 last summer. Never again. Plus I no longer think White is a good choice since the white border will distractingly reflect screen contents in dark rooms. Getting Black iPad 2 for that reason.
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