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Thanks. I'm thinking this driverless 6Gbps eSATA card from HighPoint might do the trick. Must I use a 16x slot 1 or 2 or will one of the 4x slots 3 & 4 still deliver @6Gbps throughput?
Don't forget the new Ivy Bridge Mac mini later this week. Will ship with Mountain Lion preinstalled plus a Mountain Lion Server quad core model. BTW Mountain Lion Server is a $19.95 add on to Mountain Lion Wednesday.
Thanks Marvin. Forgive my ignorance but what sort of applications would that matter in? Would ripping smaller AAC audio files from big ones be an example of that? And what external case supports eSATA 3? I couldn't find any. That Sonnet card you link to is discontinued. Seems like high speed eSATA PCIe cards are few and far between existence for old Mac Pros.
So you think the SSD inside on a Mac Pro sled hooked to one of the 4 HD SATA 2 ports is just as fast as outside cause only the eSATA will allow for booting and not the USB 3 because of drivers the system needs to install before the USB 3 card starts working after bootup? And the external eSATA can't be any faster than what's inside because it's all SATA 2 on the motherboard. Right?
Your grandfathered unlimited continues with the 4G LTE phones even though new customers can't get that deal. For as long as you keep paying the bill you will never lose your grandfathered unlimited service no matter how many new phones you graduate to.
In an early 2008 3.2 GHz Mac Pro which is faster? SSD inside one of the HD SATA connectors via 3.5" HD Sled adapter installation? Or Outside in a USB 3 enclosure attached to one of the HighPoint USB 3 ports of their 4 port PCI card installed in which PCI slot?   The SSD is a new 240GB SanDisk rated at 550 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write. So on paper the external hookup looks like it'll be faster given the 3 Gbps rating of the 4 year old SATA bus on this "old" but very...
Thank you very much. I poked around the internet a little more after posting this thread and found this solution although not with a video. Got it all working now. The cable needs a bit of rerouting that involves unplugging and replugging several other cables in that crowded corner of the motherboard directly under the fan assembly which is only two phillips #1 screws.
I have two of these early 2008 Mac Pros: a 2.8GHz sans RAID Card and the fastest 3.2GHz model with the Apple RAID Card. Because the RAID Card can't see more than 2.2GB of HD space, I pulled the card and moved all the larger drives from my 2.8GHz model over to it. But the former RAID Card Mac Pro now sees nothing as if there are no hard drives in it at all. Does anyone know what the trick is to completing the RAID card removal so that the fasster model acts like the...
I heartily agree. Moreover, because iPads are 4x3 devices, the 7.85" iPad will have a significantly larger screen area than all the other 7" products which are only 16x9 devices.
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