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No problem. You are mistaken. It is not true Apple sells hardware for software only updates. They always give you feature updates for free if they can on old hardware. Just plug your 2010 Nano into your iTunes, run software Updater 1.2 and your old Nano is like new with all the new software features.
That's accomplished with TWO 32GB modules for the last two years since Apple went from a pair of 16GB modules to a pair of 32GB ones in 2009. So it's not the old milestone you think it is. We need a 128GB iPod Touch made with two 64GB modules to get to the next milestone. I sure hope this year's when.
Me too. Plus at least a 4" screen I hope. Skipped last year's model but will buy an A5 + 4 inch screen model.
If true, this puts iPad 2 sales for calendar year 2011 way north of the 50 million I predicted last Spring. All the analysts were predicting 30-40 million max back then.
Thank you for all you have given to the world's communications system. And thank you for your great vision to help so many people create better than they would have otherwise done.
JetLaw is my new hero.
Waiting an extra month for a White iP4 has cost me a $250 early upgrade fee at launch or wait until Christmas (literally). So it's gonna be all about the camera - 8MegaPixels 1080P would probably convince me - and dual core A5 plus would like 64GB storage and 128GB in the iPTouch, I don't know how soon we'll be getting 4LTE service in Santa Cruz - separated from Santa Clara County's 4LTE service area by a big mountain range - so waiting for iP6 might be a vain exercise in...
If they remove FW800 and Ethernet without a single Thunderbolt adapter for both (or daisy chained) for less than $50 for both, I'll have to buy the previous model. The idea that few use FW800 is not fact. And the hard wired Ethernet is far faster than 802.11 n.
I Wasn't up to speed on Ivy Bridge. Were you? Here's an Executive Summary on Ivy Bridge:Intel's New Tri-Gate Ivy Bridge Transistors: 9 Things You Need to KnowLearning this makes me want to wait for Ivy Bridge too.
Intel website comparison of all 3 top Mini processors. Now you see what I mean about them all being so similar?
New Posts  All Forums: