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Boohoo. He has a Company to run, and no obligation to help the American economy more than the American economy has an obligation to line his pockets. If he can't get his products built as efficiently in the U.S and/or can't do it at as low a cost as they could in China, then doing it in the U.S would be bad business, would bleed his company dry, and would have Investors and American consumers running away fast enough for him to close his doors.
Are you really telling Apple to lose money, and compromise their business and business practice in the name of American Patriotism? Are you really trying to force a Company to lose money and/or lose business to help others out as a good grace?Wow. Talk about un-American!Firstly, Apple is an International Company, secondly, if I remember correctly, 60% of their revenue came from out-of-U.S. Also, they've barely even set foot in China yet.Americans would drop Apple and stop...
I buy the best product that I can. I don't care if it comes from Apple or if I have a selection of a hundred different companies products. Though, I use tech for tech, not for fashion statements. Therefore, visual variety isn't such a selling point to me, I just want it to work great, be of good quality, and look good.
What do you recommend they do? Start performing worse on purpose? Blow the $100B in the Bank on Hookers and Coke parties? Just like any person or entity, they have no obligation to let others succeed. This doesn't mean they have to play dirty and cheat other companies/people, it does however mean that they have one focus: To do the best that they could and strive as high as they can. Other companies are constantly ripping off Apple in attempts to "take them down", so why...
I should have bought more when it was in the $370's (bought 30 Shares)!! That's what these people do to your OBVIOUS SENSES OF LOGIC, they instill fear! OF COURSE APPLE WILL SOAR ABOVE $400!! Whether or not Wall Street gauges them fairly, the Company will do well enough to drag the Stock along. If the Stock gets fair valuation? WOW, imagine that (even the smallest Investors see their money grow astronomically off of it). I told myself a few months ago "If Apple gets to...
Seriously. 7% is child's play for these ASTONISHING numbers. I'd think AAPL should have opened (or open) tomorrow at $500. Blame the Traders! I don't know who in their right mind would sell APPL Stock for anywhere in the $4's. It's a $500 Stock as a bare minimum as far as I'm concerned. That's the lowest I'd personally even consider selling my Shares for.
WHERE THE HATERS AT NOW??!! Great job, great Company! Hopefully the stupid manipulators and BS'ers can be pacified for a while.
I see what you're saying. I do think that Steve's shadow still strongly looms over the company. If Steve didn't get sick, I have little doubt that this Stock would be at like $800 or so (playing the fool's game again, lol). Just today, some idio-Analysts had a show stating that "Apple has 6-12 months" BS, with statements like "they need to prove that they can innovate without Steve". People are still on the lookout, but yes, numbers will do most of the talking.
I thought the Forward P/E for AAPL at the levels it's at now (or actually the levels it was at about a month ago) takes it down to a 9 or 10? As for AAPL's price movement this year. Predicting might be a fool's errand, but not necessarily illogical. AAPL Stock has had the fear card used against it, ad nausea, for years now ("Never gonna hit 2, 3, 4 hundred, etc.). I don't think that anyone disagree's that AAPL should be at well over $500 right now. The reasons it isn't...
This whole statement sounds questionable in intent, however, if true, talk about currently irrational jitters forcing a premature action.
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