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  Lol. It was a nice touch indeed. For some reason, when it comes to competitors, people have historically had this notion that Apple's executive team are helpless. I've seriously heard whacky "haters" claim that if competitors catch up to Apple, then the company will file for BK. LOL. Man, I mean, there's a long story ahead for Apple, even IF competitors did "catch them" (kind of hard to gauge what "catch" is, as Apple still has some "catching" to do to its competitors...
  Apple aren't either. People seem to underestimate Apple's management team.... the same people who were pivotal parts of getting this company to where they are at.
Not if they're looking to get out in a short term horizon. That $600 will look mighty nice when the stock is accelerating right past it. 
Actually, of course, it will/can happen, but let's just say each time I (try) get more the wiser. :D   Just had to unload a friggin' loser today in fact, to free up some more AAPL purchasing power. Sometimes you just gotta let the losers go and use that money more wisely (or attempt to). As long as your winnings are outnumbering the losings, then you shouldn't beat yourself up too much about it.
Put in a buy order for tomorrow to start scaling in at these levels. Let the manipulators work for YOU! (I sound like a commercial :D)
  I don't think you know what a "bubble" implicates. AAPL is trading at what the companies book value will be in 2014, AAPL has OVER 10% of its share price and market cap in cash (cash is accumulating fast). This is the anti-bubble.   Also, Zaky doesn't simply "like a Stock that has 'happened to go up' more than others". AAPL hasn't "happened to go up more than others", and considering the legions of illogical emotionalists who can't see the greatest investment (and...
  Bogus. You won't find a better CEO on Wall Street. You know that whole profit and immaculate operations process that feeds Apple? That's Tim Cook's leadership at play for over a decade.
  Apple at $605 was a screaming fundamental buy as well, and will be proven extremely lucrative in due time. A stock is only "cheap" relative to its current and foreseeable company performance. At $200, AAPL was valued much higher relative to company performance, therefore, at $605 and a P/E of about 14, FWD being around 10, AAPL stock relative to company is much cheaper today than it was at $200, yesterday.
  "Buy high sell low", that's the game, and that's how the "Wall Street Gods" manipulate your psych. Been there, done that, never again. Exactly, the idea is to squeeze out as many as they can, freak them out, and then bam, stars light up, smoke clears, blue sky's and everything's hunky-dory (i.e their money has now flowed back in on the Long side). Unfortunately, I'm sure many have taken the bait.
Great buy here and tremendous upside. Could go a little lower, but once the bounce does initiate, these levels will be forgotten.
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