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Idiots who sold the stock due to headline grabbing mind-controlling jitters. Do not bet against Apple, not right now!
That's why if you don't have the balls (or stupidity) to play their game, then do what any smart investor does, ignore that noise and buy on fundamentals. All the information you need on how a company is doing and how to gather information on how you think they'll do is out there. All the information you need to figure out whether a stock is low/fair/high valued is also out there. This is why I invest in AAPL. Because even if these Traders can manipulate their way to a...
Finally some logical analysts.
PREACH ON BROTHAAAAA!! Word to the wise.
The guy who doesn't know a thing about Stocks (self admitted) sticking his nose in with a bearish sentiment that he knows nothing about, again. Let me spell it out for you: F.U.N.D.A.M.E.N.T.A.L.S. Do you know that AAPL trades at bargain basement prices for a company that has been growing almost 100% year over year? Do you know that they can buy entire Countries with their hoard of cash? Do you know that they have no debt? Do you know what a P/E ratio is? Do you know that...
At about 2:00 AM Pacific Time, Google Finance showed the early-early "Pre-Morning Trading" (I never understood what this is, as U.S Markets are obviously closed.... Euro trading obviously?) of AAPL at $9.00 down.... insane! Now, it's only showing it down about $1.00 (3:45 Pacific time). Jittery hands man. If you can't take the heat, stay out the kitchen!
LOL.Amen. I'm really surprised at how "pussy" some investors are, when fundamentals and logic are staring them right in the eyes. Unfortunately, many of us with balls to stick to our logistics have to roll our eyes through some of this.Yes, actually. Even the guy/girl who payed $644. In a year+ (or sooner) from now, they'll be up enough to not care whether they bought in at $600 or $644. I remember when I bought at the top when the top was $422.... going into that...
Baseless, irrational words. AAPL has soared this year and is still undervalued, and a few days of downtrend and you shaky hands all of a sudden can't see the investment worlds most basic great value right in front of your eyes.Very much so. I just hope I have enough on the side to buy up enough shares if it does go down after earnings for a bit.
Yeah, it'll get there, the long term is still and will be intact for some time. Dump and buy usually doesn't work out well with AAPL.
Not a good time to dump right now, unless you're willing to take the chance that earnings will go over "poorly" to Wall Street. They're about $65 off their highs right now.
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