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Maybe the Wall Street games are finally getting into my head, but I'm feeling that AAPL will get punished this earnings quarter. No matter, I know they'll be over $700 by years end, even considering all worst case scenario's.
Don't discount "The Apple Whisperer", Gene Munster. In the world of Apple-yapping Anal-ists, Munster seems to at least do his homework and stick to his calls on AAPL. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/90613729/?cmpid=yhoo
Idiotic. Even if Wall Street doesn't favor the results of this quarter, AAPL will rise well past its current levels, sooner or later.
Yikes, you're a worry wart. These are the exact investors AAPL doesn't need. I'm trying to keep myself from buying on these current artificial dips so IN CASE Wall Street doesn't favor what will be nonetheless solid fundamental numbers from Apple, I can have enough cash to buy more on those much more substantial dips. Shorters will have a time with wherever AAPL goes, but Longs will get to their destination one way or another.
Guys, the transaction didn't get processed, it was cancelled. Basically, it didn't exist. .... though, I still would have been hella pissed about a stop order possibly going through if I had one, if the transaction actually did exist, or if they caught along with the glitch.
Wow, I read somewhere that this was during BATS first day as a public company. However, not sure if they were public just yet, as apparently they are withdrawing their IPO due to this stumble. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-0...1-million.html
LOL. I don't think Apple are concerned about day to day stock boosts as much as long term focus. Regardless, their wouldn't really be a difference whether they announced them separately or not, as on Monday, after a big run-up due to the new iPad, the stock was poised to probably take a little breather, and even possibly do a small rally with the blowout numbers, however with the addition of the Dividend, etc. it had quite a big rally on a (I believe) down market day,...
That is absolute rubbish. I really hope you weren't born yesterday and that was a troll post....?Oh, that's gem as well. I'd love to hear logical and fundamental reasons as to why that would be the case, within, say, the next couple of years, WITHOUT emotive, idealistic, "S.J would have wanted this" unproven and unverified speak.
Governments and vultures really trying to stick their noses and hands on it, especially as it becomes more than many Countries are "worth" themselves. At the same time, with so much "cash" in "the bank", where is this cash? Do people really think there's a safe with Apple's $100+B sitting in it? If it grows to such astronomical levels, it's almost as if it becomes a myth, a number.... at a certain point, one could assume that if they wanted to "pull it all out", it...
People have to realize that at some psychological or tangible point (number), this cash can become a liability to Apple. As Countries are on the brink of default, broke, etc., and misguided morons trying to paint corporations who hire workers in others Countries to build their products, with Apple at the forefront, as some kind of "evil", Apple raking in cash into the hundred billions can be a dangerous thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Governments and vultures started...
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