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If the original poster's idea ever came to light and I'm seriously doubting it at this point, but if it did, I'd like to see this incorporated into it (purely hypothetical of course): A card reader that takes programmed cards from each of the various creative software companies, that intuitively work in conjunction with your software. Such a typing interface would have to go mainstream first, but say you buy Lightwave, or Photoshop, or Logic Audio, or Aperature,...
Great feedback to this thread and you folks brought up a lot of points that I never even considered. I'm a tech hound and I love to see new innovations so this idea came to me on that basis. On reconsideration I could see the idea of a touch screen cinema display being more of an extra-functional gadget where one could use it for minor things in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard but again it would not be worth the added cost or hassle I suppose. I love the idea of...
I know this is probably a long shot, but do any of you think we'll see a touch screen Cinema Display within the next year or two? With Apple releasing the iPhone, a device with a 3.5 inch touch screen display, is it possible they might take that concept and technology even further and release a full size touch screen cinema display? I would like to see such an item eventually replace the mouse for almost all simple commands, and I imagine it is only a matter of time,...
I hear this all the time but the first PowerMac G5 I owned (1.6 Ghz Rev. A) worked beautifully and in three years I never had a problem with it. It worked flawlessly. Now I have a 2 Ghz dual core PM (Rev. A on the dual core's), and it is also working beautifully. Chances are excellent I will upgrade when the dual socket quad's are released so I can severely up my render times, but Rev. A's don't worry me at all. Maybe I've just been lucky.
I totally agree, however I use Bryce for a lot of my stuff and to date it hasn't been optimized for multiple cores or processors, (mostly because it moved to a windows application only for the most part....still upset about that...lol) so this has been an effective workaround. I also use several apps that take full advantage of my hardware and would much prefer that option in the future.
I don't know how a lot of other software works, but I own a dual core 2 Ghz G5 and I have graphics and rendering software that is not optimized for multiple cores, however I am able to maximize my system by setting up seperate user accounts and using fast user switching. I just set one image to render, switch over to a different account and set another image to render, and I have both cores running at full speed, churning out two different renders at the same...
I own a 2 ghz dual core G5 and find it to be very quiet. It sits on the desk beside me, about 20 inches from my ear and I can just barely hear the fans going. I do a lot of audio recording and it is just fine.I'm pretty sure the original G5 PowerMacs were announced at WWDC. It is usually a good venue for hardware announcements, often brought out after a new OSX revision and demo.
I don't know what the big fuss is about here. 116,000 sq. feet isn't all that big. You could put a nice call centre in there. Manufacturing-wise, you couldn't do a whole lot, at least not on an Apple scale. It could open up some added distribution channels for their Apple stores, tech support, etc. If you're talking a million sq. feet then yeah, something big is in the pipe, but you guys shouldn't be getting your panties in a knot over this. ???
Hey Guys, Check out the new 30 inch Widescreen from Dell: Dell 30 inch Widescreen Gotta love the price even more......$2199. Some serious competition for Apple?....Or are price drops coming soon?
Thanks for the help guys. It Blows...But Thanks.
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