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The latest news appear faster on Bing usually. I used to run some searches on both Bing and Google to see what's missing from either. ;-)
I switched to DuckDuckGo and back to Google several years ago. Then I switched yet again back to DuckDuckGo late last year.It's good enough for general use now. Haven't found the need to redo the search in another engine.
Took a quick look. You can still use their app without signing up or signing in to look up their directory.To use their CS-Link service (for checking your health records), you'll need an account with them.But at the iOS level, you should be able to reject the app's request for health data (Under Settings > Privacy > Health). It's outside the app's control. The app doesn't need to handle opt-in/out. HealthKit essentially enforces the data collection.In my understanding,...
Where is the original article or interview ?It sounds like as long as you don't use their app, the system won't know how to link your HealthKit data to their EHR anyway.
Your quote from Dworkin just confirmed that there's a way to opt-out.
It's not exactly a suggestion if the judge was angry. ^_^Do you want an angry judge in your case ? Clearly, she didn't have enough time to process the huge list.
Patents are great for protecting the company's work.The fact that Apple is able to reduce or fend off lawsuits shows that they are indeed innovating and their patents are valuable. With the amount of money they are making, tons of trolls would love to discredit them, or make money off them. They have not been successful for the most part. Without a strong patent pool, Apple'd be sued much more often; and their products copied successfully.In general, attacking is harder...
I think Apple is indeed in startup phase in wearable computing. It is unclear if people appreciate wearable electronic devices. I am of the opinion that they should try as hard as they can to grab new customers.There is an important difference. iPads can be carried in bags. Watches are worn ostensibly on one's wrist. The latter will be associated with fashion for both historical, and appearance reasons, more so than the iPad.Not all diehard will squirm at this. I spoke to...
iPhone and iPad are utility products. Watches are fashion accessories, much more so than phones. Although it looks like Apple is augmenting the watch with functionality now. i.e., It's a wrist computer _and_ a fashion item. The Watch didn't appear in a recent luxury watch trade show. Instead it appears in this design show, which suggests to me that Apple sees it as a "different kind of watch". However, it's not merely a new product. Angela Ahrendt mentioned that it's an...
You mean like... Use Touch ID to activate. GPS to signal location to law enforcement when the gun fires. Take a panoramic photo almost at the same time (but before/after the gun flare) ?  [run away]
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