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Not really for the Watch. Its distribution was limited because they were selling only in a few Apple Stores and exclusive third party outlets for a few months.I suspect they did it to study its demand, and also stock was constrained at that time.
 That incident happened just late last week. Resellers will never be as diligent as Apple in upkeeping their brand. But with an Apple Store in the country, the resellers will have to compete better in cost and service quality. With eyes and feet on the ground, Apple will also be able to react faster to the environment, and be proactive about initiating new programs. I think my friends in Singapore will enjoy the classes in the Store if Apple offers them. Customer service...
I disagree. Customer services by the authorized resellers are expensive, and they don't carry new SKUs early enough (to reduce risk). They have to make enough money to pay for expensive retail space rent in Singapore. e.g., Instead of recommending my friend a cheaper option (Just buy a new Mac), a reseller quoted him almost double the price for replacing all the parts in an older Mac. The various classes, and Genius Bar in the real Apple Store will also be helpful for the...
Yep ! I corrected my post.
It's a clear cut case. Youmi has admitted wrongdoing. They will need to compensate not just their customers. They will also need to compensate the users and of course Apple for the loss of data and damage. Once the affected apps and SDKs have been removed/banned, and damages have been dealt, then they can talk about helping Youmi with their next release. Otherwise, ban them forever.   If Apple showed weaknesses in punishing the offenders here, more companies will attempt.
Haven't seen the packaging, but I doubt all the accessory packaging will look the same. They can design it uniquely for each brand and still fit the desired themes.At the same time, if Apple choose to, they can probably roll out different packaging based on campaigns or even season. It can go well with seasonal wearable fashion, or Product Red, or even highight accessories for revised Mac look, or new standards to reduce confusion. The key is clarity.Plus they get to use...
It's probably about the unified look as well as being environmentally friendly. They are using paper from those forests they protect.
 Check their website. UrbanAirship is in the business of push ads. Naturally, they are interested in measuring the performance of ads notifications.In this aspect, iOS users of course respond less to ads. The platform and UI are designed to honor privacy instead of maximizing ad opportunities. The people gravitate to the platform to turn off notifications, or avoid spam altogether.But if they do respond to a notification, it may be they are more serious than your average...
The latest news appear faster on Bing usually. I used to run some searches on both Bing and Google to see what's missing from either. ;-)
I switched to DuckDuckGo and back to Google several years ago. Then I switched yet again back to DuckDuckGo late last year.It's good enough for general use now. Haven't found the need to redo the search in another engine.
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