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It's Sapphire lens. Should be scratch proof. I don't intend to use it with a case.
Note 4 is probably closer to iPhone 6 Plus in terms of timeframe. The Note 4 is bigger than Note 3 @ 153 x 79 x 8.5 (102.739 mm3)
Yeah, one of them was (still is) doing a startup there (His market is in China). The other was a country manager of a multi-national company. He's appointed to go there by higher ups. They all have relationships.
 It's not only in China:http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-09-04/news/41765769_1_tattoos-14-organisations-managers Takes time to change people.
Yes. When my friend's source code got stolen, he went to the police. The guy who stole the source code yelled at him, "Do you think only you big foreign companies have relationships ?"Turns out that the entire police station is friends with him. The law is not well enforced there. So the police officer simply told my friend off. Same for the guy who ran away with my other friend's money (It's millions !).He paid the police in Dong Guan, and continue to party there.There's...
 The value chain and relationships presented in this report is messed up. This statement while not untrue is missing the point completely:"Apple has a long way to go to ensure workers are laboring under safe and fair conditions." It should be:"*We have* a long way to go to ensure workers are laboring under safe and fair conditions." ... where We = Chinese government, China Labor Watch (the author's organization), Green America, Catcher Technologies and all their...
That's correct. I would also implement such measure if I were to open another company in China. A friend had to fire the entire team of workers and managers because they gang up together to make the book after a year+.Another friend had his money stolen by his Chinese partner overnight (and ran away).Yet another had his entire source code stolen by a staff. The latter set up a competing company taking some of my friend's customers with him.You have to find the right people...
 Apple already have the belief, people and platform to fight those things.All they need now is to work with the various governments to understand their platform(s).
 [chuckle] Possible ! May be he will scout for a writer to help write a book first. The PR Chief job with Apple sounds very hands on and intense. 
 Dalrymple is of course well connected to high level Apple folks to be so accurate over the years.He basically said 'nope' to the rumor that Carney 'was being "bandied about" as Apple's new PR chief'. Hence, not the Katie Cotton replacement. But if Bloomberg and Re/code insist that Carney did speak with Apple, then it's not unreasonable to infer that he's talking about other roles. Based on his expertise and the current challenges we know Apple face, the government team...
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