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Not just AI. Many Apple centric blog sites talked about it. It's their job to forward relevant news.Some cited Tim Bradshow from the Wall magazine as the source.
Not much different from photographing with Obama and rock stars in the past. These are rock stars and patrons in the fashion world at a design show.Lisa Jackson was photographed in green environment events. They even announced a new solar plant in China this week. Read somewhere it's near Tibet, which should be fortuitous for the folks living there. They are losing young people to the cities fast.Tim was photographed in Palo Alto Apple Store, interviewed with various press...
4 days ago.http://www.wallpaper.com/watches-and-jewellery/the-big-reveal-road-testing-the-apple-watch-at-salone-del-mobile-2015/8706#115564It's a trade event. Meant as a platform to share ideas, get feedback, and discuss businesses in the design industry. Not purely high fashion. It's a design centric forum. Your quote says as much.Design is Apple's DNA.
Bicycle for the Mind doesn't mean you have to be always in deep conceptual thoughts. That would be funny and pretentious. Plenty of people buy computers just to play mindless video games, or surf the web. That's why Apple also sell Computers for the Rest of Us. ^_^The Watch is a different form factor. It's more accessible and facilitates quick access. Quick access doesn't mean discourage understanding. It's about efficiency. The user could be an expert in certain...
 That's what I thought but when Apple Pay launched, I was able to pay at some JambaJuice stores but not others. The NFC terminal recognized Apple Pay but the register somehow failed.I'm going to try again this weekend.
I don't think it works that way.I tried in JambaJuice before this announcement. A few stores accepted ApplePay. Others rejected it. It was not consistent at all.I supposed if they are listed officially, that means they have gone through some sort of systematic verification to make sure that every store works.
You don't know how to use iOS8 ?To grant access to any or all apps for tracking your location, photos, contacts, etc., just tap "Yes" in the permission popup dialogs.If you want to share your keystrokes out voluntarily, just allow full access for 3rd party keyboard extensions.You can also save data to Google Drive and other non-Apple cloud drives for all you want.Apple doesn't prevent you from revealing your data. They simply provide and enforce a comprehensive data...
That's what I meant. It's not simply a "let's do it now" deal. Someone need to do the real work, and they are already off.People are busy shopping in the Apple Store worldwide as we speak. Retail staff are shorthanded.I doubt they want to rush and rock the boat now. Even extra security at the stores take time, and may turn some customers away.If I were them, I'd wait till after the holiday seasons.As long as they show the movie, they have already upheld freedom of speech...
Well, they also need to encode the film properly for iTunes. Those guys are picky about media quality on iTunes.Whatever they've planned for release this week is probably already in the system, waiting for a flag to turn on.Also is this release worldwide or US only ?iTunes can shoot for worldwide.
They will just put it up later. Freedom of speech will still be honored. The hackers wanted everything about the movie to be "erased" permanently.iTunes will probably want iTunes Extras for the film too.
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