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Google should have learned to cooperate when: * They refused to pay anyone for all the patents Android violate. Oracle's Java suit would be interesting to watch. * They rejected MS' offer to bid for Nortel patents together. * They bought Motorola to sue Apple and MS over SEP patents Why can't they just pay the licenses like a proper business ? It's not like they are broke. Right now, it just sounds like they stole people's stuff, try to shop everything cool, then hi-5...
They are talking about Mac vs touch devices, not exactly Mac OSX vs iOS alone. These devices are different in form factor, UI, power, price points, use cases, distribution, etc. they are optimized differently.Mac OSX and iOS will likely merge where it makes sense, and diverge where it's appropriate. No need for any company policies dictating that. The users (like us !) can appreciate and tell the differences.
Well both the numbers are meaningless if you just compare them using simple arithmetic.But if you have operational knowledge, you can understand or interpret them better.
 You "only" need to control the shipper and jailbreak the phone. You'll need physical access to the phone (Hence, the need to temper with the shipping process). And it's not just iPhone. All phones are vulnerable to this. If NSA runs Apple, they don't even need to bother the shipper. But Android phones are more vulnerable to malware (which will include hacking attempts remotely).
 According to Samsung..."marketing costs and "year-end inventory adjustments" _lowered shipments_ and cut into profits." ​This implies that they had overshipped previously. And before the shopping season, retailers want stagnant products out of their shelves to replace with newer SKUs. This stock rebalancing act means the resellers effectively bought fewer new Samsung phones (The rest were treated as replacements for unsold SKUs).  It is easy to claim demand has increased....
 He's saying Samsung's mobile phone sales *decreased*, but overall revenue was propped up by other electronics sales. Increase in marketing expense and holiday shopping should have boosted their mobile phone sales too. Apparently, they didn't help much against low cost alternatives and Apple's new phones.
Zero ? ^_^They lost. Losses also count. If Google are against IP suits, they would have pulled the cases immediately like how Samsung did it with their SEP cases in EU.As for HTC suit, it's useless to tell me odd things happen. HTC settled. They said it works better for them to do so.
HTC chose to settle with Apple on mutually agreeable terms. That's it !Google and Motorola play no part in that negotiation, other than the known lawsuits.Google and Motorola certainly have a record of suing Apple over IP claims. The failed SEP one and this one are examples. There may be more in the future.
 iOS has also beefed up its security significantly since 2008 (iOS 1.x/2.0).  Apple controls the whole stack, including the walled garden and physical I/O connectors. NSA will have to tailor its techniques for Apple in general. Last year, I was frustrated by some of the security mechanisms. Now I am starting to be thankful. Goddamn it, NSA.
Have you tried reinstalling iOS7 from scratch ? Safari crashed a few times for me since release, and that's it. I have 15 tabs open now. And it's quicker than iOS6 on my iPad 2. I look forward to 7.1 for them to mob up the remaining issues.
New Posts  All Forums: