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Not just that. It's paper specs for now. The new sensors may not work properly. It's still very much early development, just like the early pedometers: shaking the pedometer also counts as steps. :-D
It doesn't really matter. The Watch is a platform, a next generation iOS so to speak.There will be hardware parts that debute on the Watch first just because those parts are easier to make in small dimension. Similarly, there will be parts that are easier to make if they are bigger. Those will go into iPads and bigger phones. Meanwhile iPhone can tap on both advances.iOS8 seems like a huge change, which implies that it's laying the foundation for the upcoming hardware.
The problem is: an impressive shover is still just a shover.The Apple Watch is really more than a Watch like how iPhone is much more than a phone (Point to Apple Pay).
Maps improvement does matter to me coz I'll never use Google products. ^_^   Besides, Apple can always partner with the best AI providers out there. They don't have to do everything themselves. They partner with the banks to provide Apple Pay. They partner with Microsoft, Google and many others to provide Safari and Spotlight searches. They can partner with IBM to integrate Watson if they want to.    Apple can always have multiple solutions for people who are privacy...
Mine is Oct 23-27.
Done. Gold 64GB Wifi + Cellular Air 2 w/ AppleCare+
LG's OLED doesn't use PenTile. They also have an OLED screen higher resolutionn than Samsung.The high subpixel count in PenTile arrangement needs to be discounted since they need more subpixels to make the same color, say for text.Apple Watch is said to use LG display.As for color accuracy, the DisplayMate article mentioned that the Samsung screen is accurate (only) in certain mode. But they didn't mention if that mode runs color correction software and consume more power....
I think that's the point. Apple is not trying to be cool here. They also didn't show the face of the celebs. They are just having fun. Don't be so uptight.
It's fine to have fun once in a while. I don't mind the humor at all. People will know Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are involved over time. Rewatching them just makes it more fun. Apple have been too rigid in many of the older ads.
It's Sapphire lens. Should be scratch proof. I don't intend to use it with a case.
New Posts  All Forums: