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 Yes, but it doesn't mean iWorks cannot have more power. ^_^The apps have just been rewritten. They can always review the next set of features to see if they can add more *benefits* (not bullet point features) to the base. May be it can be simpler and more powerful at the same time. The current UI is a great start. Better than the old UI, but like Steve Jobs say, don't stop. Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Why is the new iWorks a disaster ? You can use the old apps. Downloading the new one doesn't overwrite the old apps.Meanwhile, the new apps all have better UI and will be at least as powerful as the old apps in 6 months. Plus collaborative editing and a web version on other platforms now. All for free.
Yes I have seen more too, depending on the region. But iPad still prevails. Have seen increased Android device occurrence in LA, but New York is overwhelmingly iOS world. I can't believe Apple Store Fifth Avenue. It's like Apple is giving out free food. The crowd is crazy even on regular no-launch days.Asia is more Android heavy too for price reason. But Apple is just starting to focus on major markets in Asia, so we shall see.My sense is the pie is still growing, so...
Should use wireless storage. Even USB is going wireless.
Anecdotal but yes, a few of my friends who bought Kindle switched back to iOS because their Kindles died after a year. Build quality was ok-ish. It's not just about the display. They can use Kindle app on iPad anyway.In fact, if they can sell the current iPad mini at a lower price, I'd say go for it. Not everyone needs a retina display.
Well... There are also reliability factors. They can try to shoot for higher specs in small quantity, but they can't really scale the operation (too high failure rate). I have seen friends who bought Android tablets fail after a short time. Don't just look at bullet points.
I sold channel tracking software and services for 2 years. You would be surprised what they do, especially in Asia.Edit:That's partly why I quit the company. There is no future.The software and practices help management track the real situation out in the channel. But because the management are subjected to made-up sales targets (e.g., twice last quarter's target just because boss/investors said so), they would rather not expose the real ground situation.Even if a new CEO...
People do use Android tablets, but there are indeed a lot of junk ones (my dad bought one for $120. I "inspected it"). Battery life, reliability and performance was horrendous. I have seen better ones getting used too, mainly for watching pirated movies, play games or in specialized apps (e.g., single purpose Chinese restaurant cash register). Perhaps that's why their usage number is not so high compared to iPad consumers.
These sell-in numbers are misleading because the vendors may be forced to take back the units when they don't sell. Typically, the vendors may rebalance their channel stock by exchanging the old unsold models with new ones. The new ones typically count as new sales again. In Asia, it is not uncommon for vendors to stuff the channel just to meet the "made up" sales targets. Then behind the scene, they have to take a huge loss periodically when old units are returned...
He's perhaps saying those are wholesale sales numbers, not necessarily consumer numbers. The vendors are also trying to fight for shelf space for the holiday season. So they are shipping more aggressively from a low base. Apple will start to do the same whenever they release their next gen iPads. The marketshare number should tilt in favor of Apple again when that happens.
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