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These sell-in numbers are misleading because the vendors may be forced to take back the units when they don't sell. Typically, the vendors may rebalance their channel stock by exchanging the old unsold models with new ones. The new ones typically count as new sales again. In Asia, it is not uncommon for vendors to stuff the channel just to meet the "made up" sales targets. Then behind the scene, they have to take a huge loss periodically when old units are returned...
He's perhaps saying those are wholesale sales numbers, not necessarily consumer numbers. The vendors are also trying to fight for shelf space for the holiday season. So they are shipping more aggressively from a low base. Apple will start to do the same whenever they release their next gen iPads. The marketshare number should tilt in favor of Apple again when that happens.
 BT has to be turned on on both devices. In my first try, I waited too long (looking for my iPhone). The auto-config screen timed out and I had to power cycle the Apple TV to get it back to the auto-config screen.
 I tried it. You don't have to bump the devices. As long as it's within 1-2 feet, the prompt will pop up on the iPhone after an initial wait.
That's doable via BT LE already. The Acclerometer approach gives it one more dimension.
Thanks ! Gotta try it. Anything else ? May be Apple is updating the server to prepare for the rumored 9/10 event ?
  Looks like: * Indexing videos from multiple sources (YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu Plus, etc.). So we can search for shows outside these apps.   * Ratings from multiple social sites   * Genius like recommendation   It would be a superb addition in Asia if they also index free (dubbed) Asian movie sites. My Asian friends love the free movies. They don't buy digital shows anyway. So I don't think it will cannibalize iTunes much.
Sounds good. Let's see it.
Seems to be access security for installable widgets/plugins. Given that we already have plugin and extension APIs + implementations, is this really meaningful ? Looks like people are already working around the tech.
If this is true, no wonder the EU government is suing Samsung for SEP abuse even after Samsung dropped their suit early.
New Posts  All Forums: