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The terms don't matter to us.Google Maps was gimped on iOS intentionally. As the platform owner, Apple will have to provide an alternative that fits its own vision. Whether Google agrees or not is not so relevant.
As I recall, Google held back turn by turn navigation on iOS. It is only natural that Apple decided to roll their own if vendors don't want to play ball.Google gave in later but it is great that Apple continue its map platform. Their goals are different, and their solution may diverge too.
They won 't be able to do this of course. It would fly against their historic stance on privacy protection, and future health-related efforts.
In a way. They should implement it in a new concept, instead of driving buggies around. There may be better ways. In fact, iOS Map should be able to deliver new concepts by integrating with other iOS8 techs,
Nope. I think there are great synergy and opportunities with Apple devices and services. The harder to do, the better since Apple will be able to differentiate once they master it.
At the end of the day, these negative rumors will strengthen the resolve of the Maps team. People are getting numb on these FUDs too. We will see more updates along the way since the OS seeding has started. And we don't even know about the h/w yet other than the same old tired iPhone 6 case photos.
They acquired quite a few companies to work on Maps. It is natural for multiple parties to take time to consolidate. These pieces may be done on completely different tech and approaches. Those who are impatient will leave early, citing all sorts of excuses and reasons. I have seen it happen in many startups. You can't prevent it since it's their nature. The rest will move forward. They may also want to build on top of Metal (for A7 devices), and other newer iOS8 tech. I...
My guess is: security, potential interference and power saving.Since this thing is peer to peer, they may have to scan the surrounding continuously for new devices showing up.This sucks power if it is always-on.They may need to add iBeacon to the stack for its low power BT discovery.Perhaps next release. Just like how AirPlay adds BT discovery and then peer-to-peer over 2 releases. I remember they had some unexpected BT vs WiFi bug on the Mac some months ago. Plus this new...
I thought the same until I remember that AirDrop works entirely locally. If you are out in the field without WiFi router, this will beat DropBox and similar services.
Apple supports HTTP Live Streaming in HTML5 video tag, which is smarter than MSE, EME and WebCrypto because it runs natively, and are aware of the client's h/w runtime.What the MSE stack adds is giving more control to the streaming providers. They will have to recreate the entire HLS adaptive streaming logic using JavaScript.The providers can tweak their JS code to address their customers' nuances without Apple's help.
New Posts  All Forums: