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How efficient is it ? Silverlight was MS's product and it sucks a lot of juice for doing the same thing.
It matters to set the history straight. Credits where credits are due.Advancing technologies is great but it doesn't mean people can accuse Apple for copying Android for some random argument.We should be able to learn more about how iOS parts fit together in WWDC.Optional keyboard, widgets and Hey Siri may not be important individually, but putting them together, it will speak about Apple's approach, direction, and overall experiences.The way they highlight OSX, iOS and...
These extensions work with other iOS technologies to provide iOS-flavored security. They will need to share data with various components, not to mention the front most app and its own bundled app. I think it is more than meet the eyes. Otherwise Apple won't have to wait so long to introduce them. The sessions will likely reveal more. It is premature to say Apple copy Android. They may evolve from Mac and OSX instead. After all, widgets and extensions are faily old...
Not to mention the user has full control over the data on the device. HealthKit provides a uniform framework for everyone to work together.
If it is slow, it's likely they run on different networks or even operated by different parties.I wonder if the recent Apple CDN rumor will help address it. They may need to "own" and upgrade more of the infrastructure to improve the QoS. That and the SMS/MMS side fixes (for non-iOS users) seem unavoidable.
Apple probably do that already. I suspect some of the problems may lie with the telcos. Their SMS systems, especially in countries with lax regulations, don't always acknowledge a delivery under heavy load. Apple won't be able to know for sure that the SMS went through.Whatever their fix is or will be, it may require tighter telco cooperation.
They will get a lawsuit either way.
Dude, you should log a report or see a Genius so Apple know about it.Or restore your phone to get back 4GB.Waiting for a fix without doing anything won't help you.
I hope Apple see this as an opportunity. Seamless data roaming + "any" device messaging sounds like a good package if they can enhance iMessage to handle all these edge cases and extended use cases.
They maybe both correct. e.g., The bug doesn't affect everyone, and perhaps not all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: