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It is possible that there are 2 different hacks. The iTunes for Windows hole only allows limited activation. You need (to steal) the user's ID and password to activate the phone.The bulk activation one may exploit something else. May not be SSL related. It may allow someone to bulk activate any phone without user credentials.In any case, Apple have full info for the mechanisms now. Probably will have a drop soon.There is no proof of user data compromise yet. These sound...
I don't think iOS and Mac are affected.It sounds like iTunes Windows client doesn't check server cert. So the hackers were able to spoof a MITM server to steal credential. Once the credential is stolen this way, they can use it to unlock the right phone.As long as you stick to iOS and Mac, you should be fine. Or rather, don't use iTunes on Windows in the mean time.
http://www.businessinsider.com/workers-riot-at-samsung-factory-in-vietnam-2014-1 Unlike Apple, Samsung own and run the factories themselves. Somewhere on the net, there is an advocacy site on improving Samsung factory condition in China. I found it when the advocacy groups complained about Foxconn and Apple. They mentioned that many workers in Samsung's Chinese factories are not full time. They are just temps, and hence do not enjoy any standard company benefits, or full...
They are not mutually exclusive. Apple can do all the above, and more.Remember Beats run on Android today as well. iCloud may or may not make it there.
If the relationship is serious, both of them will have obligations to keep their new act reasonably clean. Then let's see how long they last.There may be strings and schedules attached.
... Which is probably why Apple may name the 2 execs Beats staff, but as advisors to Tim Cook. The new report may be inaccurate. It's likely details being worked on.
*shrug* Whatever it is. People are talking about Apple today. :-) I don't usually post here too, but today I contributed 20+ posts ?
 Nah~ Tim is fine. He's putting in critical infrastructure that's missing from Apple. Apple didn't have enough business and manufacturing infrastructure in place. They only sold Macs through a tiny distribution by today's standard.Now they need to improve the content infrastructure, and beef up software teams more. The medical R&D and fashion-oriented hires are interesting too.Scott Forstall is an intriguing exec, but he's definitely outclassed by Cook in general.
 I question the need to divide them into media, hardware/software people explicitly. It's 2014. The music execs we all fought in the early 2000s may have evolved. There are also new blood. Many folks are half media and half tech these days. As long as they figure out an organic plan to work together, it should be interesting. I expect a few blow ups though. Otherwise, they may not be pushing it enough. This sort of mix talent gigs might actually define the next...
That's not true. PS3 was indeed over-engineered during its time. They need to do it just right. Not too far ahead, and not behind.And a lot of exclusive, creative titles came out of it.The Playstation division remains a bright spot in Sony group today.
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