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You can ask them:http://www.apple.com/privacy/
I will buy it tomorrow to check out the implementation. Haven't really thought of using iBeacon this way.
Yes, my sentiment so far, but I am usually more mellow.The automakers may also complain about paying or subsidising Apple, and losing control over the UX. Then again, may be Apple need to carve out some room so that it can innovate without restrictions.Read an article earlier that the car industry takes up to 10 years to plan a platform for safety reason. Apple probably don't have that kind of patience. We will likely see incremental effort as the relationship deepens.
They probably have consultants or full staff for this project. Tony Fedell was an iPod consultant. That French fashion CEO is another consultant to Tim Cook.We probably should take that write up with a bucket of salt btw. Hardware companies won't mess around with projects like a dotcom company. They are tight fisted with project investment.
Astroturfing ? There are guerrilla marketing companies or so called reputation management companies you can pay for writing up bad news and reviews (or vice versa). It's rather popular in the gaming industry.
Now this.I agree ! Eddy Cue needs more help it seems.
Well, either ends badly or they learn to interface iOS with other OSes properly. If this works out over time, it may mean iOS gains a new way to interoperate with other OSes.Like I said, OSes are just software. If Mac can work with Windows in a secure way, I don't see why iOS can't work with the rest.
Me too !Come to think of it, it's like TV.Even if Samsung TV comes with smart OS, I will still use AppleTV because it's just a more natural extension of my other so called digital lifestyle preferences.Of course there will be iOS apps. If the rumours are correct, the ATV will have apps. iOS in the car looks similar in requirements to me. They already have the new Text kit that can accommodate different text styling and screen layout in iOS7 right ?Frankly, if there is an...
I don't know if this is abnormal. If the literature are right, Steve Jobs always challenge and debate to make sure they have the right product. I don't know if they want to take over the car OS, the car manufacturers use very primitive hardware. What Apple may want to do is to make sure their services can be transferred over in a pristine and secure way. No point rolling out something for the car and give the hackers a back door. If they add more new hardware to the...
That is only if Apple have the data. If they don't keep the data, there is nothing to hand over. The phone (voice mail) companies, the free email providers, the cloud storage and VM providers, the advertising platform companies would be more affected since they keep a huge amount of user data.When I was in a VoIP startup, FBIs sometimes show up with court orders to access specific users' voice inbox.
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