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Moving forward, I suspect Apple will continue to sue other companies that imitate its design too closely. Like Luis Vuitton defending its look from imitators. Besides Samsung, there will be tons of me-toos from China. But it is of course not the only means for Apple to grow. They will continue to innovate in an integrated fashion, as opposed to the old, piece-meal feature-by-feature releases in the traditional cellphone businesses.   If we look at Apple more closely,...
Compared to Samsung, Apple is the newer kid on the block in the cellphone business. Samsung also has more diverse businesses and broader distribution over the decades. Apple has to build these from scratch.It's just that the rookie decided to focus on top end of the market and has taken in a lot of profit. Samsung, the incumbent, spends tons of money on marcom and market development funds to defend itself. The other big players failed.Apple is mostly still focusing on its...
For a financial play like this, you should look beyond March. Coz the stock price is higher today. Basically it depends on when you settle and what you use the earned $$$ for.
Well, the more improvement, the better.After so many decades, we are still finding improvements in video playback. Doesn't mean the industry are ignorant in this area. It just means they are working actively in said area.It can be speed, space, feature, security, and other enhancements.
OTA is only 30MB !
I had some issues with 7.0 TouchID. iOS7.1 Touch ID has been perfect so far. ^_^
I have no problem charging my iPhone and iPads in 7.0.x or 7.1 (so far). iOS7 is better than iOS6 in many ways on newer hardware. But there are shortfalls in 7.0.x. 7.1 is actually pretty solid. It takes some getting used to after using classical iOS for so long though.
 Bloom fuel cells powered by biogas according to here:http://gigaom.com/2013/11/18/apple-solar-farm-fuel-cell-farms-exclusive-photos-investigative-report/
 Any iOS7 app can send and receive iBeacon signals if it wants to. So every iOS7 device is effectively an iBeacon in the context of iBeacon-like solutions. Naturally if the device is off, or if the app is not running, then it's just a phone.
 Yes, it depends on your use cases of course. Some iBeacon claims longer battery life perhaps because they emit less ?As for MLB not using straight iBeacons.... that's in the stadium side. Every iOS7 device is an iBeacon. That's what's driving the iBeacon economy today.
New Posts  All Forums: