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 I question the need to divide them into media, hardware/software people explicitly. It's 2014. The music execs we all fought in the early 2000s may have evolved. There are also new blood. Many folks are half media and half tech these days. As long as they figure out an organic plan to work together, it should be interesting. I expect a few blow ups though. Otherwise, they may not be pushing it enough. This sort of mix talent gigs might actually define the next...
That's not true. PS3 was indeed over-engineered during its time. They need to do it just right. Not too far ahead, and not behind.And a lot of exclusive, creative titles came out of it.The Playstation division remains a bright spot in Sony group today.
The Playstation division is heavily influenced by music folks. They figured out a way to make creative media staff work well with techies. Those account managers treat the game developers like talents in the music industry. Folks loved it. A lot of creative work came out of the unlikely "partnership". Will be interesting to what Apple's choices are.
Just wait for them to confirm and flesh out the deal for us.Interesting if they stay on as executives. If it's part time, then Apple will need someone powerful enough in HQ to run the show though. Will that be Tim or Eddy or someone else ? I love the uncharacteristic move so far. Makes the company more unpredictable and adventurous after a long march. Eager to see the final deal either way.
 Heh heh, yeah, that's why I'm waiting for Apple to confirm the deal. Then I try it out to see how well their due diligence holds together.
 Very often, doing startup is tough because you get distracted by infrastructure, partners, cash-flow and other resources issues. You may not be able to realize your full product potential. It is very common for startups to compromise for the first few product iterations. That's why they sought out early adopter customers. But over time, the startups are supposed to improve the products as they shift gradually to attack the mainstream, less forgiving customers.With more...
 It's not just popular. It's popular and priced at a premium. Plus the pretty unique music streaming service. People pay for it and Apple continue to carry it in their stores. If customers hated it, Apple would have heard, and perhaps pulled it from their stores. It is different from giving out for free or selling at cost to gain marketshare.
 They have something working that's gaining momentum in the high end segment. That alone is worth a lot.  $3.2b valuation is taking into consideration the startup's business performance. It is not so common for a startup to make money.As for technology, Apple has them. If Beats can use Apple tech, then all the better.  
Have you used a Beats headphone say... for movies and gaming ? I am going to try soon.
Buying Beats for the brand is not a problem. What they do with the acquired brand is more interesting to see. We don't know it yet.I don't know why you think Cook is a bean counter. This $3.2b acquisition rumor (if confirmed), and the investment in Sapphire manufacturing say otherwise. 
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