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Have you used a Beats headphone say... for movies and gaming ? I am going to try soon.
Buying Beats for the brand is not a problem. What they do with the acquired brand is more interesting to see. We don't know it yet.I don't know why you think Cook is a bean counter. This $3.2b acquisition rumor (if confirmed), and the investment in Sapphire manufacturing say otherwise. 
Yes I don't expect that part to change because that's the personality of the Beats headphones. They should be good for gaming and watching movies too, which is probably why the teens like it.It is fine because if they want, Apple may roll out its own brand of neutral sounding gears.I would not be surprised if headphones become the first wearable gears Apple rollout.
It's the execution that count. Apple also used an OEM MP3 platform but iPod ends up in a different place from the rest.Beats is considered high end because people paid good money for their products, and quality is decent now. Some people may not like it because it's "bassy". Then again perhaps that's what the teens want. If Beats tune their headset as neutral as everyone else, they would lose their attractiveness to these people.I use Sennheiser myself. I probably will use...
I dug around a bit. The earlier headphones may be crappy but the newer ones seem pretty good. So that's good to know.
Well just whoring themselves to Android devices would be something complementary to Apple since the latter won't do it.As a separate brand, Beats will have more leeway and flexibility in execution.They certainly won't brand crappy products as Apple products though. That's just common sense.
You see, 60% of the high end headphone market believe Beats give them what they want. They voted with their money.It's the technologists who declare that the Beats headphones are not up to par. They could be basing their opinions on earlier products, or they have different needs and standards. The numbers show that the market (segments) like Beats. So that's that.Whether it's headphone or streaming service, I am pretty sure Apple execs will evaluate their options...
Me too ! But if Apple acquire Beats and turn them into gold, then they are good ?Besides, they are selling well as a premium brand already. Apple certainly know their numbers since AppleStore carry Beats.
Not if Apple or Beats improve their h/w, or drop the mediocre ones. It really depends on where Apple want to go. They are not tied down by Beats' existing stock/inventory.It is quite meaningless to simply worrying about brand names. More important for a company like Apple to deliver the goods.That's how they survive over the years.
3.2b is based on established way of valuating a company.As long as Apple want to go there, it will mean they think they can recoup the money back. They are a thrifty bunch.
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