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Iovine is advisor to Tim Cook, so Cook will have the final say. IMHO, Eddy Cue negotiated with the music execs for iRadio and iTunes. It may be awkward or conflicting for him to negotiate an iTunes killer with the studios. He may not go far enough.After acquisition, Beats negotiation can be hooked up by Iovine with Cook's support.Eddy Cue probably should focus on Maps, CarPlay, web apps, and whatever he's planning next. But that's just me. 3.2b is small number for Apple....
The outcome would be different.Beats is cross platform, and music specific. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.Apple and iTunes are heavily associated with iOS and Macs, plus some Windows.
Yes, then we are in "violent" agreement.
We may laugh now. But if Beats could market regular headphones for a premium, what can they do when Apple put its build quality and high tech into Beats ? ^_^
No. Don't do yet another buying or recommendation engine Apple. Use human curators.
I actually like the deal. Hoping it will happen. A Facebook friend posted about the Beats streaming service about 2 months back. I liked what I saw and was thinking to myself that Apple should have done iRadio this way. I didn't subscribe because the first sign-up screen asks for my cell number, email and other details. I wasn't ready to commit all these so quickly. If it's Apple, it would be a different story. Was surprised to see the rumor pop up yesterday, but glad...
Moving forward, I suspect Apple will continue to sue other companies that imitate its design too closely. Like Luis Vuitton defending its look from imitators. Besides Samsung, there will be tons of me-toos from China. But it is of course not the only means for Apple to grow. They will continue to innovate in an integrated fashion, as opposed to the old, piece-meal feature-by-feature releases in the traditional cellphone businesses.   If we look at Apple more closely,...
Compared to Samsung, Apple is the newer kid on the block in the cellphone business. Samsung also has more diverse businesses and broader distribution over the decades. Apple has to build these from scratch.It's just that the rookie decided to focus on top end of the market and has taken in a lot of profit. Samsung, the incumbent, spends tons of money on marcom and market development funds to defend itself. The other big players failed.Apple is mostly still focusing on its...
For a financial play like this, you should look beyond March. Coz the stock price is higher today. Basically it depends on when you settle and what you use the earned $$$ for.
Well, the more improvement, the better.After so many decades, we are still finding improvements in video playback. Doesn't mean the industry are ignorant in this area. It just means they are working actively in said area.It can be speed, space, feature, security, and other enhancements.
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