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The 'colorful' wavy words are specific to the Apple Watch.
 I wonder at that. This is an awfully big location they have rented relative to prior announcements.
 Secrecy? Perhaps the $5m/leak clause they put in NDAs?
IMO, probably. But only listed as water resistant.
 Try EZY #7373
 I'm still at the walking stage (30 years sedentary takes a bit). I've no problems with 'brisk walk', and I'm pretty certain that is what the watch uses. The reason is, at home I have a loop I walk that is exactly one mile. But it has a significant hill on it. If I do a 30-minute walk (with iPhone on hand), it won't record 30 minutes of exercise as it doesn't take into account elevation changes (my heart rate certainly is elevated enough). 30 minutes at the beach last week...
I refer people questioning the capabilities of the Apple Watch to this blog post. I felt comfortable exposing my watch after reading it and embedded links.http://furbo.org/2015/07/14/a-watch-water-and-workouts/
 I've had my watch for 16 days now. And I've been at the Outer Banks on vacation for the last 9. My watch has been recorded 6 30-minute 'other' workouts - 2 in a swimming pool and 4 in the ocean. At no time was that wrist treated differently than my other. Add in 9 visits to the shower (3 30-minute brisk morning walks to round out my exercise), and I'm good to go. This watch has changed my  life for the better.
Add swimming to the workout app and I'll be a happy camper.
 Well I haven't slammed mine into a wall yet (having been watch-free for awhile - 30 years? - I'm still aware of it as I move). But it's definitely not bulky.
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