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 Ditto. And I don't expect them to drop in NFC for either iPad models (or the IMO longshot 13".) @sog35 - I agree. Wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases new icons on AppleTV for not just HBO, but others (that haven't spoken up.)
I sit corrected. IMO, it is doing too much and should only be a repository/service. But that's the developer in me... Still, looking at the stats it has now. ty for the info.
The HealthKit app doesn't 'do' anything. It is a repository.
Apple doesn't need to put out a smart watch. Putting out a watch with only NFC and BT to any linked iOS device will give them a long life between charges. And they can opt for having a watch face or not with various skin contacts for biometrics.   Does the human body carry any electric current that a worn very-low-power device can use?
What if it's the watch that has the NFC chip, and uses BT to communicate with the iPhone6 enclave?
 Java running Swing fat client is 100% different than Java-plugin-in-a-browser (also running Swing.) The former is 100% in your control. The latter is subject to all the possible hijackings available on the net to inject into it from hidden iframes, etc. It is a disservice to state that it is a security blackhole.
 1Password (and the Password Manager app I use/love on all my iOS/OSX/Win7 devices - DataVault) is more than a password manager. It is a means of providing secure encrypted storage of information.
 http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5818 Any iOS device - not just phones.
 My 17th thought (after a bunch of ooohs and ahhhhs) was that I could see most of it implemented on top of a JVM.
 It also runs - with sync - on Windows and (/shudder) Android. I use DataVault, but will do a compare of features as 1Password is cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: