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 At that cost, I'd expect more. Using Dropbox to xfer non-iCloud content sucks. USB would be enough.
 While I seriously doubt any rumor that appears this early, I'd snarf this up the first morning. About half of my iPad consumption is reading books. A larger size would allow me to push even more work to the iPad (VNC just doesn't cut it at current size.)
A master programmer passed a novice programmer one day. The master noted the novice's preoccupation with a hand-held computer game. "Excuse me", he said, "may I examine it?" The novice bolted to attention and handed the device to the master. "I see that the device claims to have three levels of play: Easy, Medium and Hard", said the master. "Yet every such device has another level of play, where the device seeks not to conquer the human, nor to be conquered by the...
 I haven't noticed any slowdown. Though I find the screen 'zoom' in/out of apps to be quite annoying.
Two timeouts later and I curse AI et.al. for posting the news as soon as it was available. I'd been checking download every 5 minutes in the hope of getting it quick before the rest of the world crushed the servers...
Do I smell a class action lawsuit in their future?
What about selling the iPhone? Is it enough to remove it from your registered devices in iTunes?
The iCloud keychain looks great to me - and will cause a number of password utility companies consternation (I currently use DataVault.)  
Government is too altruistic to concern itself with the (un)intended consequences...  
The biggest cloud app of all: Netflix
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