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I have to agree with an earlier post: wtf is NFC doing on this thing?  
Wonder what a Windows RT BSOD looks like?   :)  
  I'm a TomTom iPhone user. I'd love it if they integrated with the iOS map API so they could take advantage of the crowd sourcing abilities with their existing traffic re-routing. And map update pushes from the crowd sourcing...
  "Read" reads unread text messages. "Reply" initiates a text after a read. "Change it" if I screw up. "I'm on my way home period would you like me to pick up dinner question mark" composes 2 sentences to the recipient. "Time" current time.   Siri works with single words just fine - and can handle follow-ups in context.
The US step in to protect the funds of 2 private international companies that happen to have headquarters in the US? Not the kind of escalation anyone wants...
If Google/Moto want to do business in China, they need to grease the wheels...  
Oracle's java is a download - just like it is on all other platforms. Though running Java clients is not the typical pattern. JavaFX may change that...though I haven't looked into it. Most companies use Java on the server side and leave the client on the web via JavaScript, ActionScript, ASP.NET, etc.
What he said.
I agree - this rumor has fail writ large. If they would've stuck to just metal back, thinner, and perhaps expanded the screen while keeping existing ratio and physical size, it would have been a reasonable rumor. Not that it would've been true, but at least hook-worthy.
Get 10.7.4 to work with all Microsoft Exchange servers (as iOS devices can), and I'll be a very happy hampster.  
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