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The US step in to protect the funds of 2 private international companies that happen to have headquarters in the US? Not the kind of escalation anyone wants...
If Google/Moto want to do business in China, they need to grease the wheels...  
Oracle's java is a download - just like it is on all other platforms. Though running Java clients is not the typical pattern. JavaFX may change that...though I haven't looked into it. Most companies use Java on the server side and leave the client on the web via JavaScript, ActionScript, ASP.NET, etc.
What he said.
I agree - this rumor has fail writ large. If they would've stuck to just metal back, thinner, and perhaps expanded the screen while keeping existing ratio and physical size, it would have been a reasonable rumor. Not that it would've been true, but at least hook-worthy.
Get 10.7.4 to work with all Microsoft Exchange servers (as iOS devices can), and I'll be a very happy hampster.  
    I remember it quite well...a nice implementation. Though Microsoft stole nothing - Sybase entered into an agreement with Microsoft to share source code. Once they split, MS got no more code so the implementations cleanly separated.   I believe Sybase is still used in the DoD due to a great deal (for the military.)
    The only thing MS (and Oracle) has over open source solutions (like MySQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc.) is that they provide enterprise-level support. Many people may not realize just how much that support costs in terms of the license and renewal fee...it would be cheaper for them to bring staff in to deal with all issues and save a bundle.   SQL Server is a great product. But it's among a field of great products, not a stand-out.
    I read it that way as well. I know of no tablet use that would compare to a targeted iOS app. Heck, I don't even RDP from my iPad (torture) - only from my MBP at home. I only connect to their intranet on all my iOS devices in order to access internal web sites related to software development.
...or the principal 3G/4G use of an Android is to tether to a laptop.
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