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Only place I could see it would be on the display...though a taller iPhone could have room for something like that.   Or perhaps on the back? Built into the Apple logo?
  Broadens their audience. Not everyone has wifi in their home. We in the US are spoiled.
iOS-powered. Just upgrade that. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they offered WiFi and 3/4G versions just like the iPad - and allow Facetime via the TV.
With the proviso that everyone that uses it has an iTunes account...tied to hardware... (which is the big spam killer.)   I could see it available to PCs if the PC allowed access to the Intel CPUID (forces users to enable if they want 'face'.)
Looks like a break even for us. 550 family plan + 2 tethered 5GB data plans = ~$200. 2 iPhones on the shared plan w/ 10GB ~$200. Lets me eat more data as my wife just sips for the most part...and she eats the lion's share of voice (went over the last 2 months to keep in touch with her aging mom.)
Unless AT&T persists in charging separately for tethering. Then it's smartphone + laptop fees...
  https://appleid.apple.com   Supports multiple emails tied to the account.
  Not sure what part of...     ...deals with look and feel. Or did I miss some nuance there? That patent was filed in December '04. Search via voice. Pretty solid ground there.
Is there a tie-in with a rumored Apple TV?
I have to agree with an earlier post: wtf is NFC doing on this thing?  
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