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 Only for client side. As a server-side language it is much better than the only other big alternative - .Net. As a Java developer (hoping that Apple releases Swift to open source - better language), I have to load Java on my boxes. I never enable Java for any browsers. If you aren't a software developer, then we are in agreement that Java should never touch your box.
 https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/19/great-sim-heist Granted, no telling if the referenced slide is valid, but I lend it credence.
Take the revelation that the world's largest SIM supplier - Gemalto - was hacked by NSA and GCHQ (and had encryption keys stolen). Add in Tim Cook's hardline stance against providing back doors into Apple devices.   IMO, it's a given that the Apple SIM will be shipped with all phones. I wouldn't be surprised if they hard wired it in so you couldn't swap it out...
But no red shirt...
 Nah - take out Samsung by buying Intel. Don't sell off the pieces, appease everyone by guaranteeing x86 chips will still be built (but stop future development unless you plan on keeping Macs in that architecture), kill off Atom and re-task those foundries.
When will their earnings be reported?
Apple should buy Intel and convert the Atom foundries...
Somebody hasn't been following the news...linking the first hit: http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-ra-microsoft-ceos-awful-advice-to-women-20141010-htmlstory.html
In thThen he has an excuse - only 4,493 posts... /s
 Ditto. And I don't expect them to drop in NFC for either iPad models (or the IMO longshot 13".) @sog35 - I agree. Wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases new icons on AppleTV for not just HBO, but others (that haven't spoken up.)
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