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iOS-powered. Just upgrade that. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they offered WiFi and 3/4G versions just like the iPad - and allow Facetime via the TV.
With the proviso that everyone that uses it has an iTunes account...tied to hardware... (which is the big spam killer.)   I could see it available to PCs if the PC allowed access to the Intel CPUID (forces users to enable if they want 'face'.)
Looks like a break even for us. 550 family plan + 2 tethered 5GB data plans = ~$200. 2 iPhones on the shared plan w/ 10GB ~$200. Lets me eat more data as my wife just sips for the most part...and she eats the lion's share of voice (went over the last 2 months to keep in touch with her aging mom.)
Unless AT&T persists in charging separately for tethering. Then it's smartphone + laptop fees...
  https://appleid.apple.com   Supports multiple emails tied to the account.
  Not sure what part of...     ...deals with look and feel. Or did I miss some nuance there? That patent was filed in December '04. Search via voice. Pretty solid ground there.
Is there a tie-in with a rumored Apple TV?
I have to agree with an earlier post: wtf is NFC doing on this thing?  
Wonder what a Windows RT BSOD looks like?   :)  
  I'm a TomTom iPhone user. I'd love it if they integrated with the iOS map API so they could take advantage of the crowd sourcing abilities with their existing traffic re-routing. And map update pushes from the crowd sourcing...
New Posts  All Forums: