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Until such time as Apple can come up with reliable keyed tech (like a thumbprint or voice recognition - color me skeptical), the high volume of theft will not diminish. It will never end. Heck, even with current passwords, I'll bet I can guess most in '1111' tries...
  Based on this wiki, though cell phones can breach aircraft, it's quite unlikely to actually make a call in the air. On the ground is another matter (I don't call my wife...but I frequently text her once I've landed.)
  It's all about Game of Thrones. I know quite a few people that would buy 3 months of HBO for this alone - me included.
  I see a big benefit over the iOS client. And I will not touch it. Add a middleman between my email provider and me is bad enough. That they want my contact list is too much.   This looks like a good target for Apple to snarf up. They can show their investors that they are in fact using the money they have.
  Shouldn't that read ...preparing to sue Qualcomm...?
  1. iPhone 4S has an 8mp camera with 1080p at 30fps with image stabilization. Granted, the stabilization is digital rather than optical. If the luminia is optical I'll give them a half point. 2. I don't yet know what PureView is, so I'll just throw Nokia a point there. Subject to change once I've read up on it. 3. -2 to Nokia. I already 'tit dial/hangup/etc' when I have my iPhone in my shirt pocket with the screen facing me (Siri's a bitch unless I face the screen...
Has a mention of battery life come up?
I can buy that if you throw in the white lit Apple logo on everything. Apple has been buying a lot of product placement in movies, sitcoms, etc. Seriously, pay attention to every computer you see when watching TV - I'll bet close to 100% will be Apple products.   Throwing on my cynical hat, BMWs are owned by younger rich people. Younger rich people care more about style. Apple is the 'in' thing. The white Apple 'lit' logo looks cool - more than the white...
  I hope you didn't patent that. It's too good not to share.
There are places where NFC would be a competitive advantage. Starbucks comes to mind...  
New Posts  All Forums: