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I ordered one. Looks to be a neat little unit. Starbucks card is because it has a barcode purchase thing for Starbucks you can load up. No where near Apple Pay, but Starbucks have always been open to customers buying anyway.
Those graphics cards are staggeringly expensive!
Great news.  Amazing what competition can do to an industry -> lower prices.   We need the government to remove the cable company monopoly next so we get choice and lower prices there too.
Having multiple suppliers is a good thing. Keeps pricing competitive and means that if one suppliers factory burns down that the world doesn't stop. Having three possible suppliers is good news.
Times change. Wasn't long ago that a PC was quite a different beast.
I thought that exact thing when I read "Cupertino company still shelled out more than $6,000".I.e. shelled out implies cost. It cost them nothing, rather the devs simply lost a sale.
This will work in Apple's favor when they limit accessories to be only those certified by Apple. iOS7 already warns when one is plugged in. That is one step from preventing use of them.
As a shareholder, I find it rather disappointing that Apple is making political statements that may adversely affect people's opinion of the company negatively.  History shows that anytime a company makes political statements, that consumers remember and that biases their view of a company.  I.e. this may affect sales.   Apple should keep the press releases focused on winning customers by telling us about exciting new products.
  I remember seeing that show.  Big thanks for the reminder to watch more episodes :)
I can't say I'm entirely sold on the new look.  It looks an odd mix of colors to me and the start menu looks even more barren these days.   Some things look better, others like the bookshelves, well...   I guess time will tell when its out of beta and we can all play with it but I'm not convinced yet.
New Posts  All Forums: