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  The term 'apps' is a very old term.  Here is an example back in 1982.
I was answering the question, not making any statement on current validity...
Saleforce.com (2006) and Sage Networks (1998) filed for trademarks on "appstore" before Apple made filed for "app store".
  iOS has a massive lead in apps, but you cannot say they don't have an ecosystem when they do.  Immature, yes.  But with a massive desktop user base and growing set of tablets (I remember a 7% last quarter figure), I'm not sure I'd write them out of the history books yet.   In the education market, which is what this article is about, Apple has the resources and clear dominance though which is why they are dumping into this market.
Note that any Skydrive account can edit a Word document through the web for free.  Excel too.  It's far from full featured, but enables basic editing the same as all these web editors.  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/web-apps/
Subscription only is one way to get around paying any store cut.    Will be interesting to see how long before it appears on an iPad given the push of Office as a USP on a Surface tablet.  I'd say a while or never.
Yes.  I thought that.   Perhaps trying to bring more focus on the Windows brand rather than HP/Dell/Toshiba etc.   Kind of odd if you ask me.  Rather than there being 20 "PC" brands in the store, of which Apple is one, it's now making it Apple v Windows.   Perhaps the Apple desk was getting all the action and they thought the PC area needed some identity to draw people back in?   Who knows.  There's not an obvious reason behind it.
Looks like this is just going to compress suspended applications - note that other OS changes make apps suspend by default now when not in the foreground.  When suspended for a while, rather than paging, it's going to compress the memory that is effectively idle, the idea being that compressed memory is faster to decompress than page out and page back in from disk, even an SSD disk.   Given the randomness of memory, the 50% compression stats must have some basis from...
Half of Pandora is the apps ability to choose music you like.  I've tried other similar apps and they are so far wrong it's unbelievable.   Someone who uses Pandora would be more likely to stay with Pandora.  New users are more likely to use built in stuff.   As with all things, app choice is down to quality and social recommendation, and time will tell how good these really are.  
Good for AT&T, bad for Apple - people will now replace phones after 24 months instead of 20.  A 16% decrease in phone turnover.
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