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It's hard to keep billions in philanthropy quiet. Gates Foundation.
Waste of news article space...
Totally agree. Apple are already in the low-end market... with the Touch/iPhone. Anything in-between would erode their market share in the premium market.
Personally, I see meeting 40% of the Apple shipments as being a _massive_ win for Amazon. Not 'just a fraction'. A big fraction. Apple is entrenched in this market and for an outsider to come in and be selling close to 50% of the number of devices overnight is an amazing achievement in such a short time. Amazon will be very happy. And why did they sell so many? As someone who actually has one, they are very neat devices. Sure, the iPad is better. It had better be...
And who overall out of the KIA owners and BMW spent more on the extras... gas, wheels, wipers, after market upgrades etc. When there are 100 KIA owners to one BMW, it works in your favor to build some KIAs. Which is why most premium car mfrs own everyday car brands too.
Given that the Fire was at the top of the Amazon electronics best sellers list, and the other kindles below, we can assume that it was the majority.
But why use a book format restricted to one platform? I hope this tool allows export to mobi etc.
Apple did loose out to Amazon in Brand Loyalty in 2011 though: http://www.brandkeys.com/awards/leaders.cfm
Come on... iOS 5/4S wasn't ready. Battery life problems still abound and then what do we have from Apple as an example of QA? 5.0.1 update. And then a different 5.0.1, again! And... the original article is a joke, like you can't get porn on an iPad!
What is the point? We have the Apple TV already that works with any screen. Any features can be added to a similar device that works with any TV... massive sales potential that way. Making a TV itself is pointless.
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