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That was my thought... when you currently cannot perceive the pixels, why double it... likely more power use with no gain other than on a spec sheet.  I can see doubling camera pixels... doubling battery life... all good, but the screen dpi?  Why indeed.
I was thinking similar.  Not that Google maps was perfect, but what was the point of them buying something else?
"Throw in with Apple and see if we can all make a go of this to create a real mainstream e-books market at $12.99 and $14.99."   While almost every post here has been saying they don't see anything here, I have to differ.  I very much see this as a collusion.  This is Apple trying to get a group of book publishers to sign up to get pricing of $12.99 and $14.99 with Apple for books currently selling at $9.99 on Amazon.   Publishers are expected (by law) to be...
I thought it was a great ad.  Not good for Apple, but let's fact it, a bunch of scantly dressed women catches some attention.  And then they show some neat features that are unique to the phone.  Gimmicky perhaps - I always laugh at the phone bumping - but the rib covered hands or suntan lotion covered hands not having to touch the phone has great appeal.  And the phrase "some smartphones are smarter than others" will wake people up to look at alternatives.   We...
You forgot step 4, which is your friends have to reboot their phones too... else they still try iMessaging.
Where is this in iCloud. I've just checked in case it was here... but cannot see any such option.
Yes, well we know that now.Not exactly obvious until you've worked it out.Thankfully we had the iPhone still here and put her new SIM back in and then turned iMessage off.Apple should really have a web site to do this - what if the phone was broken and we replaced it. What if it was stolen? Etc...I DID log into the Apple support website where the phone was shown as being registered and DE-registered it which I would EXPECT to remove it from iMessage, but no, that didn't...
The "address" didn't change. The telephone number is the same...And the iPhones are set to SMS if you cannot sent an iMessage.... so the bug is in the iPhone not sending the SMS in group chats.
For regular SMS messages, person to person, it does kind of work - it delays messages around 5 minutes before the first one gets through.For group messages, it just doesn't ever work.Result = frustrated user
Yes, such a small number because it's not a troll. Perhaps your wizzy 5 doesn't have issues, but the 4 definitely does. Will be interesting to see if anything changes.
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