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Trust me, my wife recently moved to her 920 (amazing phone btw) and Apples stickiness really pissed her off. Once a telephone number is in iMessage, it stays there almost forever meaning she was having problems SMSing with friends who's phones all tried using iMessage to contact her. Sadly for Apple all that did was made her vent to her friends about the lock in that Apple has and how bad a company they are for it. Apple would much rather she left with a rosy glow about...
Safari has a pass that all other apps do not have. Long live Safari!
Bug fixes: let's hope they fixed the browser lockup and stalls.
Another attempt to pump people about Apple's stock. When wall street want the stock to go up, it will.
Microsoft Surface Pro coming out soon.... let's try and flood the market before it arrives. Bonus: it may raise the poor Mac sales, killing two birds with one stone. Unfortunately it also cuts margins which doesn't help the stock price.
Oh come on... Apple TV... we have one already. What more is there? Apple cannot get in bed with media companies, and who's going to compete quality wise against Samsung and Sony and many others in a very saturated market. We have Netflix on everything. Rokus, Apple TVs, consoles etc.Apple made money creating markets. Now others have caught up, they need to open up new markets again to really lift their stock price.
The Lenovo has an Atom CPU so it is more of a netbook level device surely? A nice netbook for sure that will do most things, but the i5/i7 in the Surface is better for higher end apps.9 hours is good for a PC tablet though. As you say, the battery life is the worst thing on the Surface Pro, but until people have them we won't know real world runtimes.
The Microsoft Surface does this already - it dynamically changes the brightness based on content today. Bloody annoying. We don't want it anywhere near an iOS device.
So.. when I click Buy on my Amazon music, I can then open a web browser and instantly play my music on anything.- Linux- iPad- Windows- You name itWhen I click Buy in iTunes, how much headache is it to play on say in Linux. Or on my Symbian phone (don't have one, never had... example only). Or BEOS. Etc. MP3 is the defacto standard when it comes to music files.I'm not talking DRM. Never mentioned it once.
I thought we all accepted that maps had... issues... and that this had died a death and was an unspeakable topic until Apple eventually have finished fixing it over the next 5 years.
New Posts  All Forums: